4 Reasons To Join Triskele Press

Gathered together inside Citibank’s community room, a long member of Azure Lorica’s Staff, Candice, is standing and waiting. With me, is the CEO of Azure Lorica, Stefanie. Together, we all came down the stairs, to open the door, and voila! An empty dark room, filled with long tables and outlets, and a fully working kitchen. I turn on the lights, and soon more came through the door.

One after another, we gathered to enjoy the warm interior escape from LA’s slightly cool February evening weather. Placing my laptop open, to showcase the new Triskele Press brand, after passing around the old business cards, the Staff, Volunteers, and Board of Directors took their seats.

Giving a quick introduction on Triskele Press, the room stayed quiet, waiting for the real announcements of the first Triskele Press Conference. Hands clapped, as I stepped down from the position of Creative Director, and handing the position of Chief Editor to Stefanie.

With all formalities set aside, she presented the full response as to why the brand needed to change:

1) We are releasing all Affiliates and Sponsors from Triskele Press’ program. After much aid from our company, the Journalists and Videographers have had enough time to grow. To implement an equal opportunity for the public, we found it necessary to build a proper system that anyone can use to join our feed.

2) The Triskele Press Tumblr site is now open for submission. It is the system we’ve created to allow old and new Press Relations to join our feed. Just click “Free Media Service” in triskelepress.com and you will automatically be forwarded to our Tumblr site, where anyone can submit their posts, to join our feed.

3) As we release all Affiliates and Sponsored Journalists from our roster, Triskele Press’ newest mission is to build its own Staff. From Writers to Photographers, we are building a private group of Journalists, to post and publish under Triskele Press’ Brand.

4) We’ve opened a Flickr Group Page for Volunteers to join us in our projects. Feel free to join us for discussions and media submissions: JOIN NOW

After the Q&A, everyone loosened up and socialized for a bit. People were impressed by the space, and the long tables with multiple outlets – joking about how a pot of coffee would make the room perfect as an easy workshop. The idea’s not too farfetched, but that’s left for the next Conference.

We thank everyone for attending 🙂


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