Concept Art Week 34: Mateusz Katzig

Good evening Triskele Press, I hope everyone’s week was dandy. It’s been quite incredible finding out where many of our viewers come from over the past few weeks. Usually there will be an abundant amount of traffic coming from the country of the last few artists I’ve spotlighted. So for those who are new to the spotlights, I welcome you to continue to follow along the weeks to come. I write these every Sunday, regardless of the time (for example last week’s..).

This week I introduce the artist Mateusz Katzig, a freelance concept artist and illustrator from Leicester, UK. Mateusz creates work that gives off a mysterious atmosphere, which we’ve not seen in quite a few spotlights. Many of these pieces are very loose, but the impressive values give it a pleasant form.  Although the work I will show below is mostly more of his personal work, his studies and virtual plein airs are a must to see. So I hope you all enjoy the work you see below, and I hope everyone has a good night/morning.



– Composition sketches





– Highlands





– Crystal Peek



– Retired Robot (daily, for the 30 minute spitpaint group)



– Dystopian Character

– Cathedral



– Cracked Valley



– Through the valley



– Road to Highlands



– Abandoned chinook



– Snowy forest



You may find more of Mateusz’s work on his Draw Crowd, ArtStation, and Facebook.


Also in relation to recent events, Karla Ortiz, the first illustrator I spotlighted on here, earlier today was a part of a Level Up! (here’s a direct link to the Level Up! website) session. You may watch the recorded video below.



I hope to see you all next week!


Is it just me, or does nearly every professional artist own a cat?


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