Concept Art Week 36: Gil Rodrigo

Hellooooo, Triskele Press! This is Ashanti, coming to you loud and proud from my bedroom. (Obviously ripped from Three Dog) I hope everyone has been well this week. Personally, quite a lot of good things have happened to me in the last seven days, but I most likely won’t talk about that unless asked.

This week I would like to share something I was talking about with my teacher this afternoon. The topic is well, yourself, and how you perceive the quality of your artwork. Now, I have a long history of relatively hating my own work, but I’ve had multiple people tell me many positive things about it. Due to a past ordeal with a close friend, I started to believe that when people say that they like my work, that it’s really just them telling me something nice to make me feel good. Now believe me, this is a terrible thing to think! Never fall into this if you can, because it can only get worse if you continue to believe this. Like my teacher told me, “don’t fall into Phil Fish’s realm of hating your own work. ” He taught me within 10 minutes (plus an extra 30 seconds about an hour after) how to clear this mindset. If someone tells you that they like your work, and they take the time to explain the certain details as to what they love, then more than likely, they really enjoy your work. Those who don’t do this, could either like it and just don’t know what to say, or they could be lying. Overall, it really depends on the person. In the end, there will always be someone who dislikes your work, and as an artist, your work will most likely be seen to many people sooner or later in life.

So to finish that off, if you have a tendency of giving yourself negative feedback about your work, then scrap that thinking and start anew. Forge it into something that can benefit you in some way, such as the thought that people will see your work in the end. If you really must dislike your work, so be it, but it’s important to know that, even the best artists in the world can dislike their work. So instead of being stuck in this endless loop, try to see past it, and forge a new road for you to live off of.

There we have it! My incredibly long intro to a spotlight, even though the spotlight has nothing to do with what I said above. I’ve been in quite the writing mood today, so that felt good to let all of that out.

Anyways, today I introduce the artist Gil Rodrigo, an aspiring concept artist and freelance illustrator from Mexico City, Mexico. Something I love about Gil’s work, is the sense of scale seen in plenty of the pieces below, in addition to his painterly style displayed in many of the environmental pieces. Gil has also created a variety of interesting characters, such as the characters he created for a 30 day fantasy challenge.


In the end, I do enjoy the variety of work I saw within his gallery, and I’m happy to show everyone the rest now!


– Field


– Colour Experiment


– Waterfall


– Shrine


– City


– From the 30 day fantasy challenge I mentioned above


– The same as the picture above


 – Toxic


 – Car render


 – Nazi Future Racing 2


 – Shipwreck


 – Bonzai


– Sith dude


– Beetle


– Cholo space pirate


– Pirate




– Bat refueling


– Black Blood




(A part of the series above it)

You may find more of Gil’s work on his ArtStation, and CG Society!

I’ll see you all next week!


Also… I smell something burning. I have a feeling that it might be my laptop, but I surely hope not…..


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