Concept Art Week 37: Bianca Resende

Good evening everyone, I must say that I’m incredibly excited to finally be able to showcase a new female artist! Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve noticed that the female demographic in this field appears to be in the minority, which is quite awful. I try my best to find female artists, but the ones I typically will find, won’t have enough work online for me to work with. I do hope everyone will enjoy this week’s spotlight, as I think her work is wonderful.

This week I introduce the artist, Bianca Resende, a visual art student from Campinas, Brazil. While I was having an online discussion yesterday with some of the staff who work behind the scenes here on Triskele Press, I came across this artist. Her Artstation didn’t have quite enough content, so I bookmarked it for the time being, and looked for any other work posted elsewhere. It turns out that Bianca was on hiatus from her artwork for a few months, but she’s back in action and expanding her work across different platforms! Thank you so much for creating your Artstation, as I might have not have found your artwork.

Bianca’s work goes into the realms of concept art, and portraits/studies, all containing soothing colors to the eyes. You’ll understand what I mean below. I hope everyone has a good week to come, and look out for the all of those insane  tricks coming your way on Wednesday, March 32nd! (Back in 09, DA made every user icon into Twilight, Team Jacobs, and Team Edward gifs)


– Visitor


– Cave


– On Top of the World


– Coming Back



– Conspiracy


– A Soldier Study


– Volcano Entrance


-Woman’s Portrait


– The Flash


– Jedi Knight


– Ralph Fiennes


– I Am Iron Man


-Kristin Bell


– Soul


– Speed

You may find more of Bianca’s work on her DeviantArt, Artstation, and Tumblr.


Forgive me for the weird format for the images. The way WordPress handles spacing is horrible.


One thought on “Concept Art Week 37: Bianca Resende

  1. I am in love with the coloring of this Artist! The dramatic lighting is so theatrical, and the background design is just brilliant. Fantastic find!

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