“Ninja-Con this year is FREE!” According to sources, this fact has become undeniably, irrevocably, ultimately, and bluntly not available to the public. Not yet, at least. A Press Release will be announced soon, as most of the organization’s Board Members are in complete shock! Appalled by the notion of a FREE Convention has always been a bad idea. The last time this occurred was with Anaheim’s AM2 – allowing attendees attend without pay, but sold fast passes for a quick entry to each panel. The convention disappeared within a few years, and it is speculated that the same will happen to others that follow in this same operation. Questions arose when the Chairman of Azure Lorica Foundation responded with “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Others followed in this same mystery, including Danny Gonzales, founder of Ninja-Con, saying, “Stop following me. Quit texting me. I don’t know you!!”

This disorganized cycle, followed by a “yeah, I’m doing a panel at SakuraCon…” from Danny, “noooo, Mi gusta!” caused quite the commotion, as Ninja-Con’s founder knocked on my wall for toilet paper. The promo has yet been verified by official sources, but experienced con goers have said they’ve been to Ninja-Con. Speculations say they may have been “Ghosting” the entire day. Security at JACCC had nothing to say, as they escorted me out for soliciting and harassment. I kicked and screamed, and found an ice cream shop, and felt better when they accepted American Express.

Rumors still spread, as the ticket sales have seemingly disappeared. No announcements have been made about the lost access to the admission page, as the Staff scramble to explain the situation. The Board still stands with the audacious announcement, while I tap really hard to blog in Yogurtland on April 1st.

You’re welcome 🙂


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