Tweet For Ninja-Con!

Ninja-Con is back in action! Faster than ever, their new ticketing system is blasting with a discount of 5% extra per tweet, allowing their returning patrons a second wind at a lower price per entry, and supporting the event through social media. If you’ve been helping Ninja-Con for free, make it a priority to get a deal out of a good gossip:

April 1st, this year was hectic for the staff of Ninja-Con, as concerned parents and returning attendees demanded answers as to why the admission page had disappeared. Many concluded that the first 1000 tickets were sold out, completing the online price discount campaign to a close. Board Members braced themselves for the maintenance period of the admission page, as the schedule had prolonged for nearly two weeks. No announcements were made, as founder, Danny Gonzales, was caught between meetings with new sponsors and partners. The staff maintained proper public relations through phone calls and online inquiries, despite the complaints and confusion of a disgruntled public. One would think a maintenance should have been dealt within twenty four hours, but Ninja-Con’s founder had mentioned:

“Don’t panic…it’s just a new ticketing system.”

For more details SEE VIDEO RELEASE

Tickets are available online:

Remember to tweet for a 5% discount, and for those willing to pay offline, please join us at the registration table on the day of Ninja-Con – on June 6, hosted at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, in the Little Tokyo Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles.


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