Concept Art Week 38: Raphaelle Deslandes

Good evening Triskele Press, it’s Ashanti with another Sunday “full” of content. Like many I’m sure have realized, there wasn’t an article last week. I felt like my time would have been better used to study for my mid term that was on Wednesday, than work on an article. To be honest, i was tempted to skip today as well due to feeling quite tired, but I really need to continue. Forgive me if there is a noticeable lax tone in my writing today. I took a rather long nap, so I only just woke up.

Anyways, today I’m introducing the freelance concept artist and 3D modeler, Raphaelle Deslandes, an artist from Montreal, Canada. Her work is personally a style that I very much enjoy. It reminds me of the bright visual style you find from the Bastion and Transistor games by Supergiant Games. If you haven’t ever played Bastion, i highly recommend it. It’s currently on sale on Steam for 75% off. It’s by far one of the best indie games out there.

Anyways, you’ll understand what I mean by the comment above in some of the pieces below. I hope everyone will enjoy this spotlight. Due to the nature of 3D art, one of the pieces below will be shown through Vimeo, which is something I’ve yet to do on these spotlights.


– Darkmage Concept art


– (same as above)


– (same as above)


– (same as above)


– (same as above)


– Child of Light


-Ascension; Other stuff


– (same as above)


– (same as above)




-Crocodilian Island


– Among the Stars

If you’d like to see more of Raphaelle’s work, you may check it out on her ArtStation, Behance, and Deviant Art

See you all next time


Also I HATE the new WordPress post creation section. I’m trying to add the artist’s name to the tag list, and I’m unable to since I’ve never put it in any past article. It’s horribly stupid. I’m unable to switch back to the old version of the site as well. Ugh…..


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