Nocturnal Notes @ Litfest!

Theatre is in the air, and its name is Nocturnal Notes! This Saturday (May 9, 2015), Litfest on the Prowl is returning to Pasadena for their annual event – collecting Authors, Publishers, and Performers within Colorado Blvd for a one day celebration of literature.

The following is the original press release of Nocturnal Notes from the blog site of Drift Plume, Azure Lorica Foundation’s Theatre Ensemble. please subscribe to their site, as this will not be the last of many presentations to come! Remember to wish them “Break a leg”. Luck is bad in Theatre, or so we heard 😛


nnheaderCatch Drift Plume this Saturday at Litfest!

Returning to Pasadena, Litfest on the Prowl is hosting live readings, discussion panels, and our favorite events: live entertainment! From Poetry to Stand Up Comedy, Litfest is providing the public free admission to an all day celebration of literary indulgence. The festival is hosting programs within two blocks, and the challenge is to find your seat to this extraveganza of bibliophelia. For FREE!

Drift Plume is performing Nocturnal Notes, written by Eugene Cordell and Stefanie Warner. This ten minute play is set in Los Angeles, during the late end of the millenia of 2007 – a romantic comedy between eccentric lovers (Art and Eve) coping with the complicated culture of the newly introduced smartphone.


Yuki Hayashi – an Actress by night, and Assistant Mortitian by day. A fellow Angeleno, who is active in the anime convention scene as a “Moe” Cosplayer. It is rumored that she has…

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