Hello guys,It’s Maleeha here and this is my very first blog post at Triskele Press so bear with me if I make mistakes.I hope that everybody is enjoying the summer.

So in my very first post I would like to introduce two very talented photographers,Zohra Baig and Wajeeha Khattak.Both these girl are freelance photographers from Rawalpindi,Pakistan.They have covered multiple weddings.They use different techniques in their photography like shadow photography and high speed photography.

I could go on and on about their photography but as the saying goes

                  ” A picture is worth a thousand words”

 I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


You can find the rest of Zohra’s and Wajeeha’s work at their facebook page called snapshot or here’s the link(

Until next time 



2 thoughts on “Concept Art week 37: ZOHRA BAIG AND WAJEEHA KHATTAK

  1. I only just saw this now, but I would appreciate it, if you were to stick with the topic of the series. It’s a concept art series, that specifically dwells into concept art and sometimes illustration for those who are either in the entertainment industry, or those who are striving to get into it.

    It’s not to say that photography cannot be a part of that, but due to the nature of the post, and the way that you’ve explained it, it’s unrelated. So in the future, if you don’t mind, could you poke me before you expand on the series? Thanks


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