Just a bit of news

I’m sure that it’s become very apparent that I have not written a single article here on Triskele Press in over a month. This has been due to a lack of activity on the overall site which has caused my interest in the series to plummet, but behind the scenes, there have been a few individuals making plans for something special. Although it is earlier than I had expected, I plan on interviewing numerous artists who I have recently spotlighted.

Although this is besides the point, I am currently unsure about how long I will continue to post here on Triskele Press. Hopefully it will not end so soon, as I do want to continue with the series; perhaps I’ll make it bi-weekly. Also I would like to address to the staff here in Triskele Press, that the artist’s category is not working as intended. When you click it, the only post you’re able to see, is the one that was last listed under the art tag (so I think anyways..).

Well, I’ve got to head to my art class, so I’ll see you all next time.



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