Winners of Fan Film Awards 2015

bannerOn the last hours of Ninja-Con, Triskele Press invited the film makers to join us for the screening and awarding of the Fan Film Awards. The event was humble, with a private room, at the top floor of the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center. We had a meet and greet, and a grand party at the Garden. All-in-all, a successful run, for our first Fan Film Awards!

Winners of FFA 2015

BEST ACTOR: Aux Frontieres de l’Oubli – Jordan Inconstant

BEST ACTRESS: Awaken – Olivia DiNino

BEST DIRECTED: Aux Frontieres de l’Oubli – Jordan Inconstant

BEST SCREENPLAY: La Cosecha – Roberto Santiago

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Awaken – Bruce Sze Han Chen

BEST ANIMATION: Star Trek: Bats – King Jeff

BEST FILM: Aux Frontieres de l’Oubli – Jordan Inconstant

We thank everyone for joining us in the first Fan Film Awards!!!
For information & to join us for more, visit us:


3 thoughts on “Winners of Fan Film Awards 2015

  1. Reblogged this on FanFilm Fest and commented:
    Enjoying the lush talents of the film makers who helped us make our festival possible, and their rightful place as award winners. We introduce to you the Best of the FanFilm Awards!

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