“Batgirl Rises” Review

A new update on Vincent Tran, Director, Producer, Writer – Advocate for women in film!

“Batgirl Rises” is an emerging new film intended to reconstruct a sexualized hero into an intellectual leader.  Director Vincent Tran accomplishes this by creating Batgirl, a feminine character similar to the popular hero Batman, who needs to protect her society from evil and destruction.  “Batgirl Rises” is only the beginning of the story of Batgirl and mainly focuses on what led Barbara Gordon played by Lindsay Heath to take up the position of Batgirl.

The story focuses on Barbara Gordon’s determination to seek the truth about her missing brother with the help of mysterious woman, Harleen Quinzel, played by Constance Brenneman.  Harleen promises Barbara help to find her brother if, in return, Barbara helps Harleen set her lover who has been captured free.  The two women strike up a deal and disguise themselves in order to find Barbara’s brother.  However, things take an interesting turn when Barbara finds her brother…

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