TED Talks

Good early morning everyone, as you may see, I’m sort of running late this morning. This article is more of a filler, so I won’t be kicked off of the team, but I would love to briefly talk about TED Talks.

If you don’t know, TED Talks are essentially live presentations, and/or speeches by individuals from around the world. Sometimes people are invited to speak to the audience, but many have also applied (at least to my knowledge). The topics will range from practically everything you can thing of. There have been episodes about the concept of magic, and the thinking behind it, to teaching kids through the use of video games. It’s a very wonderful, and informational event, that you can actually watch right on the web.

There are several places in which you may watch these talks; the two main locations being the official TED Talk’s website, and Netflix. If you ever have time and need to fill your day with something fun and interesting to learn about, this is a great option for you. The episodes can last between 5 minutes, to an hour, so it’s quite easy to manage your time around it. This is also highly recommended to check out for any artists who may read this. The ideas, and information you gain from the topics lectured on here, can help benefit your personal artistic growth.

Well, I hope to see everyone at a later date. Do forgive me for the poor, and hasty written writing; I’m quite tired.



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