Details In The Vision: Benefits of the FanFilm Awards

Support FanFilm Awards

DonateWe are the Azure Lorica Foundation, in need of your support. For the first time, we are creating the FanFilm Awards festival and ceremony. It is our intent to have screenplays read and films screened, allowing industry professionals to aid independent artists in one cultural event.

With your contribution, we’ll be able to give a proper presentation, with trophies and catering, a venue to host the event, and guest celebrities to support independent films. We’re doing our best to fund it from our own pockets, but we’re lacking time to gain proper funding for the production ourselves. Please help, and support a worthy cause for the art of film making.

Your Benefit as a Supporter

We need $5000, but all we’re asking from you is $1,300.

Below are the operations expense cost. We’ve already handled Photographers, Staff, and Guests of Honor. We are still managing our own jobs to fund the project, but lack the time to reach our goal. We hope that you can be the boost in our campaign.

itemizingFFAIn return for your help, we will provide you with the following perks:

  • $25 – name on website
  • $50 – profile/ads on website, magazine, one free admission
  • $100 – name/profile on website, magazine, three free admission
  • $250 – name/profile on website, magazine, 5 free admission, bouquet of high end tea, Patron Award
  • $500 – name/profile on website, magazine, 5 free admission, bouquet of high end tea, Patron Award, a DVD copy of the Fan Film Awards Ceremony

The Impact

DonateThe FanFilm Awards is a chance for independent film makers to make their dreams come true. It supports their work as artists, as fans of the entertainment industry, and showcase their talent before the professionals they’ve labored their entire careers to join.

The Azure Lorica Foundation is a haven for independent artists, a home for young, fresh talents to gain the proper marketing aid that they could not perform alone. We invite you to make that difference with us through this festival. Please visit us for more info:

Risks & Challenges

As a nonprofit arts organization, we function mainly through donations and volunteers. We produce festivals carefully in the company, donating what we can in order to provide a service in the arts. Lately, though, we’re supporting a community in need that we did not anticipate to help. Film makers are a community themselves. Building an Anime Convention was quite the investment, rendering funds beyond that production inaccessible for new projects. So with this new service for this community, we need real help.

DonateWe’re paying for the insurance, trophies, screen and projector, and much of the necessities to host the event, but in order for us to present our film makers to the agents and sponsors, we need to impress them – inviting special guests and venue rental is not cheap. We’re asking you to help with the basic screening room, not the panel room, not the green room, not even the garden, or security. Just the screening room. We wish we could take over the whole Cultural Center, but we only need the basics. It is our first year, and we do not want to be too lavish to complete this challenge.

Other Ways You Can Help

As a film festival, we need support in promoting our event. For the next few months, we need to promote open submissions for the following:

  • Short Screenplay Submissions – a screenplay competition is being held at the festival, where finalists’ works are being read before a live audience, and awarded their respected titles by the evening ceremony. (share link)
  • Short & Feature Film Submissions – film screenings are available throughout the festival. Awards will be given during evening ceremony. (share link)

For more information, please contact us anytime:


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    We are growing day by day, and we want you to be part of this magnificent festival! We have the film makers, screenwriters, and actors joining us in this event – all that’s missing is you.

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