Being As One: The Connections of Azure Lorica’s Programs

This Summer has been a beautiful for our Foundation. New projects are in store, and we’re building our community, from a few villages into one grand city. Beginning with our flagship – Ninja-Con! From the humble convention, we’ve gained magnificent patrons supporting our cause. We’ve expanded from anime and videogames, to art collectors and music connoisseurs. The panels have been touching to the fans, and local celebrities have been so generous with their time and love. Things have never looked so bright!

Now, counting down on the deadlines, we’re welcoming our patrons to return for more. The FanFilm Awards has caught wind of writers and film makers who are aching to have their work to be seen and heard. Creative works that have yet to see the light of day. Los Angeles is a city of such opportunity, and so much so are the jammed packed competitions that break so many dreamers to end their campaigns. And for what? Because their work is not as perfect as Hollywood?

Breathing life into the details of these festivals, our Foundation has solidified Triskele Press – the official magazine of the Azure Lorica Foundation. When a new project comes, the magazine will have the nitty gritty we all crave – from the gossip to the new productions – the real deal is in discussion. Inviting writers and artists to join us per season, this quarterly magazine promotes independent artists online, distributed to shops, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many more.

Some projects have disappeared, others are in hibernation. But the lovely thing about it all is that it’s all taken care of under one roof: the Azure Lorica Foundation. Contact us anytime, we’re all under the same address and number. There is a board that oversees everything, committees that handle the details, and leaders that actually care. As clear as day, we are adhering to the community – artists, writers, performers – without you, we wouldn’t have a purpose. And we love this purpose too much to allow you no grounding to reach us at anytime. Our Foundation was made just for you.


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