Deadlines Are Near

Backstage1Preparing for the first issue of Triskele Press, we’re reminding everyone that the deadline for writing and art submissions is August 25th.

Please submit your work to

With barely a month to turn in their work, we’ve had a number of people messaging us about details. We’ve managed to answer their questions, and we’d like to discuss the most popular here:

Q: What’s the word count limit?

A: 7,500 words or less.

Q: Does my submission have to be 300dpi/ppi?

A: No. You may send in 72dpi/ppi files. We ask for 300dpi/ppi for print resolutions. If we do not have your work in high resolution, then we will not include your work in our printed version of Triskele Press Magazine.

Q: I’d like to pay to Advertise on Triskele Press. Why do you call it a campaign?

A: When you pay for advertisement space, you’re paying for your brand to be recognized for four issues. You may change your advertisement in each issue anytime. Advertisements are entitled as Sponsorships. Please visit sponsorship us page.

Q: When is the Magazine publishing? Where can I get a copy?

A: Triskele Press eZines will be published online, and distributed through,, and Barnes and Noble. Printed magazines will be ondemand. Please subscribe for details and updates.

To help yourself to more information, feel free to contact us on


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