Laugh Out Loud: Stand Up Comedy at the Cons

For about five years, Danny Gonzales (a.k.a. DBoy) has been travelling from one Anime Convention to another, performing stand up comedy, as either a participant or host. Taking on the challenge of cracking a smile, a slight pragmatism, maybe the direct frown of every attending geek. Whether on a good day or under the challenge, his motivation has always merited for the community he loves and takes care of. As a geek himself, Gamers and Otakus have given him more material than a bad anime dub.

maxresdefaultStarting with DBoy Productions, he began producing Big Laughs in Little Tokyo independently in Downtown Los Angeles. Working as a team of two or three, he’s managed several shows, taking in new faces – from amateur to first time talents – with only three items at his disposal: a P.A. System, a video camera, and a flash light. Attending his shows, years ago, the talents would bring friends and perform, taking the stage and thrash the mic with jokes as nerdy as Berry Allen’s next tangent. These geeks could have spent all night roasting the status queue, mentioning their worst experiences with Cosplay to ghetto slang spoken in the hard streets of Disneyland Blvd, but the flash light signaled their turn over. Much like in the professional scene of stand up comedy, these Comics had their chance at the mic, and made their mark on YouTube in the humble beginnings of DBoy.

nc5Sponsored by Azure Lorica, back in 2012, Danny Gonzales began a new project that neither him or the organization had any experience in. The chance for success was a long shoot, but the journey made brilliant connections. Jumping from city to city, Danny sought out for the right spot, and with the help of Azure Lorica’s 501c3, the task of building the first Ninja-Con was made. Three years later, the convention is going strong, growing even. So much so, that the organization is taking measures in improving the annual anime convention.

Campaigning back to basics, Danny’s creating more stand up comedy panels at new up and coming anime conventions, connecting with fans, friends, and the community we’ve all come to love.

Please come and support Ninja-Con at the following events: (click for details)

  • Anime California – August 28
  • Pacific Media Expo – September 5
  • Sabakon – September 5




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