“Forev” Review

One thing most people can likely agree on is that the romantic comedy genre needs a bit of a refresher. Thankfully, it seems as though the independent crowd has actually taken to the genre’s reinvention, whether through the addition of a far more original style and presentation, or perhaps just with the application of that good ol’ indie quirk.

The latter is certainly more the case with Molly Green and James Leffler’s Forev. The film, somewhere between road trip comedy and love story, presents the series of unexpected events that can occur when a simple joke between two neighbors about getting married- becomes a full on reality. Despite a script that can read quite bare and stretch quite thin, our three main actors (plus some very welcome supporters) do well to make the whole experience relatively enjoyable nonetheless.

“You guys are idiots.”

Simplicity and focus is certainly the name of the game in Forev. It is certainly admirable that the film chooses not to deviate from its central plot in a genre that constantly suffers from uninteresting and forced subplots. This being said, there is unfortunately not very much meat on this film’s only bone. Thankfully the film’s neighbors-turned-lovebirds (played by Noël Wells and Matt Mider) outdo themselves, almost always pushing the script to the point of “awkwardly hilarious” instead of “hilariously awkward”.

Despite what this film lacks in substance, Molly Green and James Leffler’s directorial efforts certainly pay off in the way of cinematography. Forev strangely succeeds in creating a very immersive atmosphere, most notably during the many roadside and desert scenes where lighting proves to be no issue. In addition, the film’s very focused shots and seamless transitioning from  fixed to moving camera placement give the whole package a very squeaky clean feel.

It’d be cruel not to mention the quirky supporting characters that join our main crew of three on their journey, one very subtle way in which Forev will certainly please its audience. From the endlessly weird AAA mechanic (played by Timmy L’Heureux) to the bearded nomad (played by Chuck McCarthy), the supporting cast at work here does well to provide a multitude of memorable moments in an otherwise relatively sparse script. And that’s not all. If you remember internet sensation Kelly, Liam Kyle Sullivan makes a very subtle voice-over cameo here.

It’s a shame more than anything that this film’s rare focus for a romantic comedy works to its detriment. There are several moments in which Forev proves to be something quite special. Thankfully, the film’s cast of hilarious and talented actors are able to power through the script to yield an overall pretty enjoyable time.


Runtime: 1 hr 28 min


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