Fresh Beginnings For PMX

Attending Pacific Media Expo 2015 (PMX), we were enamoured by the beautiful Pasadena Convention Center. The space was enormous, the buildings were grand, and the hotel was right behind it – giving easy access to the convention, only a stroll away from the ice skating ring, and the opera theatre – a marvel of the arts!

There was only one thing missing from PMX this year: traffic. Moving is not so simple when habits have already been established. The migration of it’s infamous Lolita-Fashionista patrons was truly tested this year, as the only line that drew a real crowd was on their Fashion Show – presented on a Monday, on Labor Day weekend.

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As always though, PMX provided a wonderful venue for shopping, as three rooms catered to anime fans, couture fashionistas, and artist alley patrons. Fan panels were available, and live programs were wide spread throughout their schedule. I, personally, found the photoshoot room and the number of lounges quite successful, as fans took advantage of each area with much enthusiasm. Cosplayers and Photographers were the life of the party in PMX, hungry for that next face to brighten their day.

As their first year in Pasadena, we hope to see more of PMX. Relocating had made them elite in number, as establishing yourself in a new residence is never easy. By next year, we’re sure to witness a better fit. It’s all a matter of time, until they rise again, as the PMX we all deserve.PMX2


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