The Brilliance of Author Faire

Looking for parking for the infamous Art Night in Pasadena, I stumbled across Author Fair. Hosted in the grand Pasadena Central Library, the Author Fair took over every wing, room and floor, and theatre the the historic property had to offer.


Larry Venderveen has performed his theatrical monologue rendition about F. Scott Fitzgerald’s biography at the Pasadena Central Library for a few years. His personal contact with the Fitzgerald’s’ living relatives has revered his work as a powerful redemption for the legacy of both Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald. (click image for more info)

Opening doors most of the public has never seen, exploring every corner with a friendly face, sitting with their newly published books to explore. Small Press and Self-Publishers extended an open hand to welcome each potential patron to read their covers and pages, and even signatures – pronouncing their pride and honor as Authors, Co-authors, Publishers, and the otherwise unexpected. These including, activists, film makers, and musicians.

Swimming between the bustling crowd, I found myself floating from whichever table was open for a discussion about their books. Finding myself enamored by the sea of booths, the temptation was too much to handle – reaching the next aisle was all I could’ve asked for once I learned the Author’s/Publisher’s name. Not to say that intrigue in them was far from my interest, as their enthusiasm reflected what adventure could been between their novels’ tantalizing pages. I wish I could’ve taken a naughty peek, but the night was too young, and I hadn’t even reached the second floor, nor the third, or the theatre and outdoor cafe serenade.


Dan McLaughlin is a local Pasadena Librarian whose written works of the history of Pasadena reveals the drastic cultural changes of its rich heritage, spanning from the popular to it’s most unpopular progressions. (click image to read more)

By the end of the night, I must say, I had learned almost all of the vendors’ names. Too distracted to speak to the public, but happy to learn that children were very much part of this fraction of Art Night. The city was filled with music and open doors, raining with fresh faces – bringing life to Old Town, Playhouse District, and the colleges near-round. But my favorite, most of all, I must admit, is this Faire alone. Whereby publishers and authors showed off their merit and cause, allowing readers to find their work, where most commercial bookstores would not. Their superior quality to Target’s million copies of the next Kardashian confession were a breath of fresh air. Amazon couldn’t provide this kind of presentation on good days, and the intimacy to comfort most loyal reader on the bad.

Author Faire is one of a kind. A real introduction to the world of the Bibliophile. Meet the writers behind the books, the soul between the chapters, and the adventure through their pages. Support the Pasadena Central Library for more events like this. Author Faire occurs twice a year, and free to the public. For more information visit:


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