Fall Is Here

After an entire two seasons of heat and convention-events, Fall is at last here! On October 24, 2015, the Azure Lorica Foundation took the stage at the Pasadena Central Library, presenting the success our community helped us raise in the past five years. It has been a long and hard journey, and without the community – our volunteers, staff, board, and patrons – this organization would not be where it is.

Starting with Drift Plume, we showcased the first episode of Nocturnal Notes. Stefanie Warner, CEO and Founder, reviewed the beautiful history of Azure Lorica’s humble beginnings. From theatre to festival, and now in podcast, our nonprofit has climbed through obstacles without financial help from foundations and outside funding resources. This has made our growth a gradual labor of love, something we were not embarrassed to embrace. Our community was not cookie cut, and hence, our projects were inevitably produced right from our pockets.

From this, we took in several talents to produce for the community: a comedian, a few journalists, and other performing groups – all resulting to Ninja-Con and Triskele Press. The community blog had transformed into the upcoming magazine (Triskele Press), while Ninja-Con fostered artists that now have become part of Azure Lorica in one form or another. The indie anime convention was such a success that when its founder and committee chairman, Danny Gonzales, stepped on stage, his presentation cleared the way for all the returning and new coming artists for Ninja-Con 2016 with the gospel of its TWO DAY CON!

The rest of the event was bliss. As our attendees collected the product of the convention’s success. Starting with Drift Plume’s voice actress’ testimony, Tori Rodger (as Eve Willows from Nocturnal Notes), and Vincent Vecino’s performing a solo from the famous musical, Les Miserables. Finishing with our next project announcement, the FanFilm Awards, we completed the circle of the organization’s struggle and success with a big thank you to our community. We gave them a big hand, and closed with free macaroons and tea – sponsored by Pasadena’s Chado Tea Room. (Thank you again, Chado! Your Podria tea was killer.)

We hope to see everyone again for our next event. Please subscribe for more news about Azure Lorica Foundation, and its programs; and encourage everyone to spread the word: we support indie.


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