Meet & Greet: Welcome Volunteers!

Ninja-Con is opening its heart to the volunteers and staff with a new open door! According to the recently published post in, new operation policies will be announced at the meet and greet event, held at the Pasadena Central Library. Please click and read for more details.


18546985226_a63202db44_mWhen starting the new year, Ninja-Con loves to make the grand entrance with the best and freshest in their line up. From the Guests of Honor to the newest panels, this anime convention opens to the public, as an entourage of awesome!

This year, on the other hand, the event will be opening  for the volunteers and staff. With their help, the convention has built a well oiled machine. And because of their help, Ninja-Con will be announcing their new operations policies and procedures, and greeting everyone participating in the event – including, but not limited to, new and returning Staff and Volunteers – with tea and red velvet seats.

The event will be held at the Donald R. Wright, within Pasadena Central Library. Entrances are located in the left wing of the building, in front and behind the library. Parking is available behind the building, and around the block and across the…

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