Musical Guest: Library Bards

The FanFilm Awards is coming to you quick with one of the best news: Guests of Honor hosting and performing at this year’s FanFilm Awards Ceremony! Give a warm welcome to Bonnie Gordon and Xander Jeanneret!

Azure Lorica FanFilm Awards

image.jpgEvery award ceremony needs a live celebrity performance, reminding us that the special moment we have to meet and greet our favorite talent is real. The love we share for entertainment, the raw power of their presence, and the brilliance of your witness of that day marks something personal. Luckily, for us, the FanFilm Awards is bringing you not just one, but two powerhouse musical beasts of legendary proportion! Ladies and gentlemen, it is our most sincerest honor, to welcome our musical guests – THE LIBRARY BARDS!!!

Featuring as our hosts for the FanFim Awards’ awarding ceremony, Xander Jeanneret and Bonnie Gordon will be performing on stage, before a live audience at the Brewery Art Colony – the largest art colony in the world! Join us for a night of spectacular shows and awarding nominees from around the world. Come to the FanFilm Awards 2016!


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