Exclusive Interview, Director, Producer, and Writer of Star Wars: A Toy Story

We’d like to thank Raymond Montemayor for making it to the FanFilm Awards panel at Ninja-Con 2016! For those interested in his insight over the process of film making, here is his exclusive interview.

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We interviewed Raymond Montemayor, electrical engineer turned successful filmmaker, we asked him about his film, Star Wars: A Toy Story, and his experience as he made his film. We learned how he was able to balance the many hats he wore as a one-man production team and even learned about his collection of vintage toys.

Could you tell what Star Wars: A Toy Story is about?

It’s a story about a Star Wars fanatic, Lucas, who decides to sell his Star Wars toy collection to keep his overbearing girlfriend, Annie, happy. She doesn’t understand his Star Wars fandom and thinks he’s immature. Annie gives him an ultimatum to choose her or Star Wars. An unbelievable adventure with his toys makes Lucas realize that he doesn’t need to change for anyone. This film was produced for the 2015 Star Wars Fan Film Awards, which imposed a five-minute time limit. With such a short film, I wanted…

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