Review: Sons of Liberty

When you think history, do you think of bad boys taking on Titans, and building worlds for themselves? Or do you believe the books were right, and that it all happened with boring details and dead people? Suppose we had a taste of the prior, and met the tough guys behind the pages and fancy names? Then, dear reader, let us introduce to you Sons of Liberty.

sons-of-libertyThis testosterone driven cowboy-esque wild ride is the story they don’t teach you in school. Just when you thought the Red Coats were bad, return to a time where the insane King George hired arrogant imbeciles in his court, and heartless mercenaries in his army to oppress the very people who wished to be British by name, loyalty, and blood. Imagine your land being the only thing that gave you any respect, when each state was designated as a country, and, of course, Sam Adams.

Sam was a tax collector, who gave all of his friends annulment from their debts, never to owe anymore money to the crown of England. One would agree to it being a crime, until they expressed in the show how land was taken away from them so easily by the high officers of Boston and the crown. Soon, these conspirators turned into heroes right before your very eyes, as they reveal the operations of the beginnings of underground Boston, Congress, and the unavoidable war that we now know as the Revolutionary War.

Starring Ben Barnes, this three episode miniseries is one of the best shows the History channel had produced – filled with historical accuracy in the most badass way, fun for a testosterone-filled 4th of July pregame. Invite your boys to enjoy this piece of work, and see guns fire, explosive cannons, and roar battle cries of “Murica!”


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