Triskele Press Magazine: At Your Service!

Azure Lorica Foundation’s has now become exclusively Triskele Press Magazine. As once the official publishing group of the nonprofit organization, Triskele Press is now reaching you in the market, and no longer as a blog. When it began, the whole operation was to be a Press production for the arts; but as time rolled on, Triskele Press simplified itself into a seasonal album, filled with poetry, interviews, reviews, art, and photography.

We thank many of our subscribers for joining in the past four years, in all of its exciting posts and reblogging. And we hope to encourage everyone to subscribe to, or become a member, for invitations to download their copy of the emagazine, sold internationally. Members will be receiving free copies by the end of the year, and all proceeds from the ezine will and have been returning to managing our daily operations in the Azure Lorica Foundation. The staff of the Azure Lorica Foundation are now managing all blogs, and interviews online will now be published in their designated festivals, such as,, and so on. Please join us for the updates this year, as 2017 will be a stunning revolution for us all!

We welcome everyone to enter their work today, for the winter edition of Triskele Press, and purchase your copy today:


DEADLINE: October 25, 2016 – Submit your Art, Photos, Poems, & Stories Today!


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