Salut Nerds & Romantics!

Azure Lorica Foundation’s released two new ezines, and they’re calling for your undivided attention. For those whom crave for anime, gaming, and cosplay, we’ve converted into your one stop fandom haven, for all your geeky needs. As for the period dramas, the renaissance faires, and the culture of romance, we’d like to introduce to you to – reviewing and publishing articles on historical artistry and reenactments. Calling to both types of enthusiasts, we invite you to join us in their beautiful world, filled with imagination, fandoms, and fun for all ages!

Now, we’ve been asked, “Why bother? Why not stick to” Why indeed. Because we respect these fans. In fact, we wish to provide them the better service – allow these Romantics ride horses, not play MMO’s, and allow the Nerds to enjoy DBZ, not insult in Shakespearean – and vice versa. We don’t condone the crossover, but even Assassin’s Creed isn’t always appropriate at Nottingham Faire. We would love to educate everyone, but immerse yourself in one or the other, and you’ll see why Sempai can’t be their Waifu, if they live in Koronburg…

But perhaps, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We wish to also invite you to next year’s campaign: “Keep The Wolves At Bay”.

Azure Lorica Foundation is changing from just supporting indie artists, to multimedia for social justice. We’ll continue the festivals, magazine, and the live readings, but rather than just inviting celebrities to gather the fans, or producing ads for filmmakers, we will be inviting the public to follow us in our social message: to fight bullying as a society.

As artists, we will bring the message on stage, online, and on print. However we may connect with the current generation, we will make the way to change one mind at a time. Too many suffer from being victims of bullying, including the bullies themselves. So become a member today, and advocate with us, in Azure Lorica’s 2017 cause:

“Keep The Wolves At Bay”

Join today, as we begin the campaign on all of our sites, including Nerd Civil War and Romantic’s Society.

Visit for more info:


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