Our Last Present: Triskele Press – Fall Issue


This year was crazy for us in Azure Lorica. Success was immense earlier this 2016, but once the new US President had been announced, the people we served were hurt. From ethnicity to gender, our people could not walk in daylight without fear. And this was just California. Due to this, the Fall issue of our magazine had to be put in hiatus, leading to thus:

We, in Azure Lorica, were so sure that progress would continue. These rights this country that were fought for were naturally going to keep the hate at bay. But no. As a result, we took action in our own hands. We prepared for 2017, and welcome our people back, and claim sanctuary whenever we meet.

Enjoy this last issue of Triskele Press, as a celebration of a wonderful run of freedom and love, from all of us in the organization. Please remember that our world once accepted that everyone had questions, and no one was superior – by color, religion, or sex. 

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