2017 At Last! (part 1)

On January 6, 2017, the Board of Directors welcomed the new year, by celebrating Azure Lorica’s 7th Anniversary. The party included chocolate dipped strawberries, champagne and spirits, Devonshire cream, tea, and an assortments of goodies. Held at the home of Founder & CEO, Stefanie Warner, we not only had our annual Board Meeting of the year, but an official welcome to the new standing members of 2017.

We’d like to welcome our two new addition to the Foundation:

Maintaining legal affairs is Andrea von Hartmann

And aiding to our logistics is Kimberly Bravo

13342960_10209776337070293_7794037728056789482_nThe honor was ours, when we accepted two new females into the Board in November of 2016, and saluting to one male exiting member this week of January 2017. We’ve met many members that had left our organization under several circumstances, but this one was worthy of pride. After reviewing Ninja-Con’s creative and administrative directions in 2016, 2017 or any other year would’ve needed an alteration for growth. Danny Gonzales, the founder of Ninja-Con, demanded that it be a vessel for the public to enjoy what all the larger  anime conventions produce in a more affordable event, a festival or a mini-convention – whatever it may have been, it was for the community. The immense expansion of 2016 did not agree with the Board of Directors, as both the safety of the attendees and the rate of Ninja-Con’s size would need fulfillment in the financial department. Creative differences occurred.

In the end, we came to a resolve. Danny Gonzales took a stance, and chose to continue without Azure Lorica.

We raised our glasses, and toasted to the magnificence of his contribution to our organization, that made the city of Los Angeles sparkle for the underserved fandoms within the community. Today, Azure Lorica thanks him for the good times, and welcome everyone to 2017, and our new mission for social justice.

(read more: mission | governance)

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