Ninja-Con Is Canceled

It is our regret to announce that Azure Lorica will not be premiering Ninja-Con this year, of June 2017. Registration has been canceled, and prior ticket sales will be refunded within 60 days.


Due to the changes of Azure Lorica’s new mission, our major productions have been canceled. This including Triskele Press Magazine, our quarterly journal. In 2016, our friends and patrons were hurt by the new changes in America’s political climate – inducing racism and homophobia in and out of schools and work places. We could not stand idly by. We took measures in aiding to support our community as a vehicle of social justice. ( see new mission statement )

We wish to return with a fresh start, after this major revamp is complete. At the moment, we are campaigning with fundraisers and upcoming programs, to bring awareness to the community of the malady that befell our current youth and society. We hope you can join us, as we invite artists for projects, produce new content, and bring the public to a systemic change we all need this year. 2017 is merely the beginning. ( see campaigns )

We thank you all for your past support, and we invite you to become part of our cause. This year, we campaign for Antibullying, and welcome you to volunteer, become a member, donate, and share with everyone this battle for a better world.

Ninja-Con will be returning by 2018, as a haven for artists and a sanctuary for equality. Azure Lorica is here for the community. Please subscribe for upcoming news and details.

Please contact Azure Lorica officer, Eugene Cordell for details concerning Ninja-Con 2017:

Eugene Cordell
Co-founder, Secretary-Treasurer


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