Caught In The Web at Pasadena Central Library

Enjoy an evening of fanfiction – FREE at the Pasadena Central Library, May 10th, 5pm-9pm!

Azure Lorica FanFilm Awards

Join us for Caught In The Web, by Shirley Napoleone!

Hosted by Zackery Humphreys

This live reading event, showcases the winning scriptwriter of the FanFilm Awards 2017. Taking a spin off of Spiderman, this fanfiction revolves around a young teenager, Alex, who is bitten by the same spider as Peter Parker. But rather than being introduced to the world as a superhero, one villain at a time, Alex (or Arachnid) has to take on the entire Sinister Six!

Come to the Pasadena Central Library for this one night, wall crawling action, read live on stage with our amazing Cast. Admission is FREE.


Nick D’Alberto as NARRATOR

Lauren Hand as ALEX/ARACHNID

Genna Weinstein as AMY


Elaine Capogeannis as MOTHER


Caught In The Web | Pasadena Central Library
May 10, 2017 | 5PM-9PM | FREE ADMISSION
285 E. Walnut St. | Pasadena, CA…

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