You’re Invited To Volunteer With Azure Lorica

Azure Lorica is now open for volunteers! We’ve published various positions available on, and invite you to join us for a new season of leadership growth, artistic production, and community building. See details of positions available:

Our organization operates through volunteers alone. We put our time and effort in producing events and online media, giving artists a stage for their creativity to flourish. With our mission to stand for social justice, our cause grows with stronger advocates – young and old, in all genders, and Creed. We are a safe space, and encourage those joining our charity to welcome others to share the care our community deserves.

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Azure Lorica is a 501c3 non-profit charity in the Arts, serving Los Angeles since 2010. Founded by Eugene Cordell and Stefanie Warner, Azure Lorica has produced theatre plays, art and film festivals, and emagazines with the aid of over two hundred volunteers internationally. We hold monthly meetings for local volunteers, and are in open communication for online volunteers.

We thank everyone who’ve helped us get this far. And welcome you to join us again on our next project.


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