Blog Forwarding

Welcome to Triskele Press – Indie Publishing Service!

For members of Triskele Press, the operation is quite easy:
Blog, and let the post forward into Triskele Press’ networks. Then wait for the pageviews to rise.

Simple, right?

To get started, apply for membership. When Triskele Press obtains your application, you will be invited to join our network, residing in Tumblr. Once a member of the private group page, you must connect your blog to Triskele Press. We recommend using WordPress.

Start by clicking to you settings: WP Admin.

By hovering your mouse on “Settings”, you can access a submenu. Click on “Sharing”.
Find Tumblr, and add an account to connect. Login. This will automatically link you to a confirmation page. Choose “Triskele Press”. Approve of the connection, and enjoy our services.

You should be able to see your next blog post on any Triskele Press social network page. Below are the following sites we share your post:


NOTE: As a member, you will not need approval for your posts to be published in the Triskele Press Network. We do reserve the right to delete your posts, at will.


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