Campaign 2017


Wolves At Bay is an antibully campaign to create sustainable community programs against bullying. We are working with local libraries in the San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley, teaching the youth and adults cultural exercises through writing, designing and performing, and in various media (i.e. Film, Podcast, etc.) – all to bring awareness to the community the effects of bullying through story telling and communication. Below are the productions and programs aiding to this cause. Please give back to your community by donating today:

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Help Us Expand FanFilm Awards

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FanFilm Awards began in 2015, as a small panel at Ninja-Con. By 2017, it housed about 200 filmmakers and screenwriters in the Pasadena Central Library. By next year, we’re expecting a larger crowd, and we need a proper venue to host 500 or more attendees! FanFilm Awards aid Azure Lorica to reach charity supporters internationally, spreading social justice ideals from California to New York, France, Argentina, and Korea. PLEASE DONATE TODAY!