Help Expand FanFilm Awards

Entering Spring, we’ve come to a new beginning, and we are expecting more than we can chew! Starting with our new social justice cause in anti bullying, we will be fundraising for our champion festival: FanFilm Awards. This film and screenplay festival has enabled Azure Lorica to reach international filmmakers as far as France, Argentina, and Korea! We wish to take this opportunity to serve them in the best compliment possible: expansion.

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To put it into perspective, we hosted about 200 attendees, but only had 50 seats in our studio – where we had two big screens showcasing tens of films, in a room unable to dim the lights… Embarrassing, right? Well, it doesn’t end there… But rather than explaining the problem, we wish to fix it. We want to move to a movie theatre.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help.


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32163617723_9fd44d41e0_kThe move will cost us $5,000. With it, we can rent the theatre for one night, get a red carpet, have a staff and amenities available as late as midnight. With your donations, we can serve our attendees with a traditional film theater, with concession stands, a box office – the works!

And to honor our supporters, we have the following rewards:

  • $50 – FRIENDS CIRCLE: Donor will be thanked throughout our social networks, and name posted on our site under friends circle.
  • $100 – FAMILY CIRCLE: Donor will be given one (1) free ticket into FanFilm Awards 2018’s screenings and award ceremony – along with the prize mentioned above.
  • $500 – EXECUTIVE CIRCLE: Donor will be given (4) free tickets into ALL FanFilm Awards 2018 functions, including the screenings, award ceremony, press night, etc. – along with the prize mentioned above.


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FanFilm Awards is different, compared to your usual flash and boom kinda film festival. We don’t just showcase and award filmmakers with luxury, we extend their reach, their name, and their work, for charity. Participating with us, these filmmakers aim to make a difference through their craft.

After the FanFilm Awards, we tour LA County – within libraries, schools, and public spaces – showing their work, so to invite each city to participate in our cause. Azure Lorica brings awareness to social injustice to students, families, and especially artists – welcoming them to create, perform, and produce multimedia online and locally. This method builds communities, improving society with education and discussions, with a call to action.

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Will-I’m-Not: Lecture and Screening

william_shakespeareHow well do you know William Shakespeare? The supposed legend of our literary lineage we rely so heavily upon, that even English itself hasn’t been the same since he began his fame as Britain’s most celebrated Playwright. But even then, how long did it take for anyone to realize that not one word was written by him, not one portrait was directly done during his time, and no one, even til this day, remembers his real name. William Shakespeare, his pen name, is all we know to be true.

Join us at the Sunland-Tujunga Branch Library for a lecture and screening, reviewing the facts and conspiracies about this extraordinary son of a glove maker, with only a basic education, change the English speaking world forever – from his most romantic Plays, to one particular controversial film, Anonymous.


Will-I’m-Not | Feb. 28 | 5-8pm
Sunland-Tujunga Branch Library
7771 Foothill Blvd. | Tujunga, CA 91042