Community Service

The Azure Lorica Foundation is a service to the community by means of producing and promoting these productions for artists to thrive. We operate 100% on volunteers and donations. To volunteer with us is to be one of us. (read Mission Statement)


Please email us your community service form to sign, as well as parental consent forms (if necessary), ahead of time. Once your hours are complete, please complete this form: ( ADD LINK )

When approved, we will mail you an official letter with a signature from an Officer of the Azure Lorica Foundation. (Letter may take 1-2 weeks to arrive by mail).

To calculate your hours, here are the following methods:

Ushering or Assisting Locally = supervisors will manage your time according to your check in and check out hours.

Each Review or Article Edit = 1 hour of community service.

4 Social Media Posts (#azurelorica) = 15 minutes of community service.


We produce the following programs to serve the community at the highest quality of service. Volunteers may participate accordingly:

NINJA-CON – Ushers and Assistants: each department of Ninja-Con’s function(s) need people to operate the event as a whole. Contact Danny Gonzales for details:

TRISKELE PRESS – Editors & Reviewers: editing articles and posting reviews are essential to publishing our seasonal magazine. Start by posting on tumblr:

NERD CIVIL WAR – Activists: take a selfie with the SPEAK UP glasses and share with your friends why bullying should stop. Begin by visiting:


Any questions? We encourage you to post your inquiries and comments below, and we will help you as soon as possible.