Ensemble Memberships

Become an Ensemble Member today!

The Azure Lorica Foubdation is here to build your acting career for the professional’s path to success. By joining, you will be able to audition for roles without a resume, or a professional headshot. Our Producers work with local artists and writers, to produce film, theatre plays, and multimedia projects. With the help of the community, we allow our members to build their careers with the ease of seasonal productions.


Membership Requirements

  • $15 monthly fee
  • Must be age 18 or above
  • Driver’s License or proof of ID

Membership Perks

  • No Resume – Auditions
  • Voting right at Committee meetings
  • Free quarterly issues of Triskele Press Magazine
  • Discounts to Azure Lorica Foundation’s ticketed event



Do you offer SAG-AFTRA vouchers?

Yes. Some of our projects are registered to qualify your work with us for SAG-AFTRA vouchers.

I’m untrained. Do you have acting classes?

We have acting workshops in our private venues, available for ages 18+ for just the members. Ages 18 or below are free, but only at public community venues [see public workshops].

Can I become a Producer for the Azure Lorica Foundation?

Producers are to apply, and comply with our agreements and cause. [see Incubation Agreement]

What is your cause?

Our cause changes yearly [see Our Cause]. Annual cause is decided by the Board of Directors, reliant on Mission Statement of the Azure Lorica Foundation:

We empower artists with an opportunity to conceptualize social justice through community based projects by producing multimedia and performing arts, to give voice to those affected by injustice, and to motivate the public to advocate for systemic change.

I’m serving in a local Committee, do I need to continue paying as an Ensemble Member?

All Ensemble Members must pay monthly, whether they are in the Committee or no.