Film Festivals

We connect to the community by hosting screenings and live readings. FanFilm Awards is a process where you, as the filmmakers and scriptwriters, help the public stay cultured through our contest. Contestants have a chance to win and become the Best FanFilm. Winners are marketed throughout the year, and supported by the Azure Lorica Foundation in occasional FanFilm Festivals, and showcased in our year-round online fanfilm playlist – ready for our patrons and fans to share anywhere they go, internationally.

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2015 & 2016 FanFilm Award Winners:

FanFilm Festivals

We host local film festivals with the Los Angeles Libraries and Pasadena Libraries. These events are free, and are catered to the audience of the filmmakers’ and scriptwriters’ market. Naturally, since these are fanfilms, all FanFilm Festivals are free of admission.


FanFilm Awards

Every year, we host THE FanFilm Awards in Los Angeles, CA. This event invites international filmmakers and scriptwriters to take part in a seasonal contest that allows them to take the chance in becoming the Best FanFilm. Winners go home with a trophy, and will have their work marketed for a whole year! Plus, their work will be shown at the FanFilm Festivals – curated across LA County.



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