Frequently Asked Questions

What is your organization about?

Azure Lorica Foundation promotes independent artists.

What is Triskele Press?

Triskele Press is an eMagazine, produced by Azure Lorica Foundation.

What am I doing as a volunteer?

Volunteers assist in our functions. They join us in our events, and help us with presentation, ushering, etc.

How do I calculate my hours volunteering for Triskele Press?

(minutes spent on activity (attending event, watching film, reading book, etc.)) + (each embed (video, images, sound) or share (#triskelepress) =15min. each) + (published blog post = 60min. each) = TOTAL VOLUNTEER HOUR(S)

What’s the difference with members versus volunteers?

Members must provide private information, in order to join in our functions. We give members access to industry events, and other Press related access.

My child is under aged, can she still volunteer?

Yes. They may volunteer after a parental consent form is completed, submitted, and approved: DOWNLOAD FORM

My child is a member, is it mandatory to attend every event?

Attendance is not mandatory. It is only mandatory to post on SEE RULES

Is my child connecting with Artists? Is that safe?

No. Our supervising officer, Eugene Cordell, connects with the Artists being interviewed, but invites the members to get involved with questions that can enhance the press release. Meetings are conducted to discuss researched material for Q&A.

Can the blog posts be published in other blogs to count for volunteer hours?

All posts must be published on We will not be able to account posts published elsewhere.

Who do I speak to for details?

Call us: (818) 925-0322 | Email us: info @


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