Getting Started

Welcome Dear Volunteer!

Azure Lorica Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 charity organization for social justice through the arts. We operate on volunteers and donations alone, making us the community’s best public source of culture.


We serve LA County by hosting live programs at local libraries, and inviting volunteers, like yourself, to build community groups that can aid us in our cause through monthly events.

Learn more: Our Cause


  1. Our Officers contact a Library, and create programs in their calendar
  2. A volunteer Host will present the program
  3. Other volunteers will assist in marketing, ushering, etc.
  4. Invite attendees to sign up to our newsletter: register here
  5. All volunteers are obligated to welcome attendees to attend the next event
  6. Repeat


By applying as a volunteer, you’ll be invited to our next event. When attending, you’re welcome to get started, or wait to speak to the host about helping in the background functions.button

Hosts are invited to present each event, and invite attendees to join our newsletter. Newsletters post our updated calendar and announcements – all of which are also publishing in our social media and website.

Please invite attendees to become volunteers, and register below:



Azure Lorica Foundation grows with your community’s support. By hosting a library program, volunteers are inviting more community members to come support, and get involved. The more support each library gets, the bigger the difference we can all make together.

We need social change, and in order to do that, we have to bring awareness as a society. There are 3 phases of progress we aim to deliver:

  1. Outreach for Volunteers – we wish to grow through supporters, and most, if not all, our supporters are volunteers. Gain more volunteers, and our cause can reach more: VOLUNTEER TODAY
  2. Represent the Cause – even if supporters do not volunteer at our programs, they can help us make a difference by representing our cause out in the real world. Wear and carry the campaign: LET’S SHOP
  3. Be That Patron – no one believes in one’s cause, until they’ve experienced the difference it makes. The benefits are immense in giving back through charity! After your volunteerism, we invite you to become our Patron: DONATE NOW


As an organization filled with volunteers, we are always open for applying members to direct with us in our Committees. Please send a link of your resume, and write (or copy/paste) a cover letter below: