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Triskele Press is a nonprofit publishing service, a charity program under the Azure Lorica Foundation. [ READ MORE ]

Our Vision is to inspire the community to become aficionados of Art and Culture.

Our Goal is to republish the collected posts in our blog into our eMagazine, and raise funds to help our vision grow. 

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Our Social Network System allows the public/non-members to post press releases through our social networks – connected together in a forwarding system. We offer this service for FREE, asking only for donations from our viewers to continue this access for the Artists and Journalists alike. [ READ MORE ]

Our Press Service is Triskele Press’ contribution to the art community, whereby members join our organization, and propose a series to post regularly on This series will concentrate on an industry or a theme of craft that is most relevant to our current society, and brings our viewers a taste of culture: online and on-the-go! [ READ BELOW ]

Membership Rules
terms and condition ]

  1. Members must be active within 30 days after being approved as an Author* in
  2. Members must stay active within 30 days after each published post
  3. All posts by Author will be viewed and shared on Triskele Press’ Social Network System
  4. Any posts by Author in is subject, and under consideration, for republishing in print
  5. Five (5) posts must be published within a month to access the featured section of
  6. Author may propose a topic of choice via
    • Proposal must be presentable to Admins and Officers of Triskele Press, in PDF format
    • Proposal must be emailed and directed to ATTN: Stefanie Warner, Chief Editor
  7. DO NOT post Pornography, Artistic Nudes, or Smut
  9. DO NOT post Self Help Topics
  10. Posts by Author may be removed, at will, by Admins
  11. Triskele Press may, but is not obligated, to provide Press Passes for events to Author
  12. Members unable to follow these rules will be suspended or removed from our program

*Author is a title given to Triskele Press Members, blogging in

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