Lamp Light Mondays

Azure Lorica is opening it’s social media as a new source for arts education…for free! Many videos and articles are scattered all over the internet, and we welcome friends and families to tune in every Monday for a series of history lessons about Theatre and its many faces.


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tumblr_m2r01hOhiF1runf5lo1_1280The story of Lamp Light Mondays:

In Theatre, we work late hours from dusk till dawn, to complete preparations for each performance. We eat, sleep, breathe the stage. The lights go out, the audience take their seats, and when the curtain opens, the magic becomes luminous! We spend so many years in the Theatre that some of us still haunt it ’til this very day.

To appease these haunts, we place a single lamp at center stage on Monday evenings, and allow the Specters, or Ghosts, to perform their work weekly. This allows the Cast and Crew a day of rest, leaving the stage untouched, awaiting for the busy bodies to return to the daily grind by tomorrow.


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