Azure Lorica Members

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Azure Lorica Foundation welcomes you to join our organization, as a member to advocate Social Justice through the arts. Our cause bring teens and adults opportunities to build themselves as artists, and support systemic change in our society.

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Perks of Membership

As a member:

  1. you’ll be invited to special events and exhibitions,
  2. receive our free newsletters,
  3. vote in our campaigns (i.e. annual cause, nominating contestants, etc.),
  4. and get free stuff from our sponsors.

And membership is FREE!


Charity of Membership

Being a member of the Azure Lorica Foundation:

  1. your vote will aid us in driving our mission in Social Justice to reach our international audience,
  2. your support allows us to gain stronger sponsors and partners for our next campaign and programs,
  3. your participation in our newsletter’s activities improves our service to the community,
  4. and you joining us builds greater advocacy towards a brighter future through Social Justice.


Why is Membership free?

You may participate as casual or as diligent as you wish, as a member. We only ask that you participate all the same.

We in the Azure Lorica Foundation operate mainly through donations and volunteerism. It takes a mere handful of Directors, and another handful of Assistants to fulfill our campaigns. But the work is immense, and we need your response and insight to stay relevant.

To be effective, we send our members surveys and invitations to conversations, to clarify what concerns the public, and act upon your interest – whether that may be LGBTQ, body positivity, or feminism – we make each year a campaign about one concentrated issue, and we build content for the public to share, such as:

  • Reviewing anime to promote awareness in depression;
  • Hosting panels and events to advocate for equality;
  • Or producing a radio play challenging the Patriarchy.

By giving artists, writers, actors, and audience a chance to share their views through our productions, openning a line of communication, then you, as a member, have helped us plant a seed, and make a difference.


Beyond Membership

Donate to our Cause

Azure Lorica Foundation is a 501c3 charity organization. All donations are tax deductible, distributing our administration and programs. (see Programs)


Volunteer in our Productions

Our productions are run by volunteers alone. By either directing or assisting a project, you can get hands on professional experience while fulfilling community service hours, internship requirements, or building a career for yourself.


Promote the Azure Lorica Foundation

By sharing our posts, representing with our t-shirts and products, and/or attending Azure Lorica events, then you’ve aided us in promoting the Cause.



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