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The Azure Lorica Foundation serves the community with public events, and welcomes members to join us for our special programs. Membership in Azure Lorica allows us to provide attendees and artists perks that enhances their experience when participating in any of our productions and programs. As a charity, taking care of our members is prime priority in our campaign, as our support, community, and family.

Memberships are renewable per event, categorized under the following titles:

  • PATRON – Most of our events are free to the public, but on special events, such as Ninja-Con, we are obligated to manage the safety of our attendees. Membership is required for us to enforce rules and regulations, along with securing our Patron’s perks. ( see )
  • PRESS – With so many Press Groups available, we make it our priority to treat Journalists as one of us. Covering stories is hard work, and we do our best to keep the research and experience at a professional level. Membership also allows the Press access into our Triskele Press program, connecting Journalists with our Beneficiaries through our charity. ( see )
  • VENDOR – These members have a dual status, one as a Member, and the other as a Beneficiary. Qualifying them as members allows Azure Lorica to cover them under our supervision and protection. As Artists, they have property and social safeguards we feel obligated to help with. Membership aids them with our bylaws and policies.


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