How To Write A Screenplay

written by Jayden Hutchinson

Screenplays are the driving force of the character’s emotions and dialogue in movies. They also need to be written with care, so the director can understand your intentions clearly when he does his part of the job. Not sure how to write one in the first place? Well, here’s how:

  1. Consider movies that you consider good or well done and search up their scripts. Take out the things that you think make the script come to life, and then apply it to your idea. They are a handful of websites that offer scripts online so that won’t be an issue.
  2. Create a logline for your story. A logline is often one sentence, but what it does is describe the most important aspects of the script. Take for example this longline from The Godfather: “The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant son.”
  3. Format your script. Learn how to structure your screenplay and learn how to set it up. If you’re not sure how, here a few links to articles that may be of your liking:
  4. Last but not least, edit it over with someone you trust to give you honest opinions on what they think is both right and wrong with your script.

About the Author
Jayden Hutchinson is a 17 year old from New Jersey who loves to write, sing, and is heavily obsessed with Paramore.