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Triskele Press: Issue 1

The FanFilm Awards 2016 issue. Released on Feb. 2016, covering the past year’s (2015) accomplishments and anticipated projects, such as Ninja-Con, FanFilm Awards’ Nominees, Nocturnal Notes, and many more.

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Triskele Press: Issue 2

The Ninja-Con 2016 Issue. Released on Jun. 2016, covering the success of the FanFilm Awards, and exclusive interviews from the Richard Epcar and Darrel Guilbeau.

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ustoppable.pngTriskele Press: Issue 3

The final 2016 Issue. Released on Dec. 2016, covering the culmination of Azure Lorica’s project in bringing artists together – writers, artists, and many more. Exclusive interviews from therapist, Elizabeth Glanzer, and filmmaker, Gabriel Galand.

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