Our Donors

Thanks to our Donors, Azure Lorica has become a foundation for Artists. With their help, we’ve produced Theatrical Plays, Concerts, Festivals, and much more. Touching the lives of the community has never been so rewarding. Our Beneficiaries – the Musicians, Craftsmen, Actors, and Writers – thank us for the wonderful opportunity to jump start their career, and we never forget to mention the magnificent support our volunteers, our community, and especially our Donors. Thanks to you, the Azure Lorica Foundation has been built as the service it was always meant to be. Join our cause, and help us continue our mission to connect the community with the Arts.

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We thank the following Donors for their great contribution to the Azure Lorica Foundation.


Jim Eimmerman | Thomas Farr | Brian O’Flaherty | Bryan Balazar

In-Kind: Google Nonprofit


Danny Gonzalez | Pedro Ortiz

In-Kind: Reuben Langdon | GoDaddy


Danny Gonzales | Lea Willoya | Kim Williams | Carlos Estrada | Pedro Ortiz

In-Kind: U.S. Department of Transportation (Jonathan Klein) | Reuben Langdon


Stefanie Warner | Lily Bauer | Lauren Bauer | Eugene Cordell

In-Kind: The Walt Disney Company (Marialyce Pederson) | Glendale Public Library (Patricia Zeider) |Revolution Prep (Kate Staben) | Law Offices of Joseph F. Hart (Joseph Hart) | Google For NonProfit | OneLegacy


Jennifer Manaog | Stefanie Warner

In-Kind: ICF International (Leslie Nardoni) | Corin Hooper


Mrs. Teresa Del Rosario† | Corazon Docena | Stefanie Warner | June Del Rosario | Eugene Cordell