Our Method

We, in Triskele Press, are proud to support independent artists, and their industry through the power of blogging and social media. This free access has allowed numerous publishers and producers to DIY their work, but now they require professional resources to recite for their books and films. The following have helped them improve their professional status:

BLOGGING – when interviewed and reviewed, the charming contemplations of a writer helps their work gain ranking in both Google and Bing.

COMMENTING – keeping their ranks fresh, new and continuing discussions allow the SEO (search engine optimization) to regain ranking momentum.

SHARING – by sharing their work, people can begin circulating posts, pics, and clips with #hashtags and links. These are the basic methods we use to help here in Triskele Press. For advance methods, please join us for our workshop events, held locally at Citibank in Montrose, CA.