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The Imitation Game – A Historical Review

Caution, minor spoilers will be present.

The Imitation game is a 2014 historical film released based on the story of Alan Turing, and his invention of “Christopher,” which is today credited as one of the world’s first ever computers. imitation_game_machine.0.0The movie seemed historically accurate, taking note of many details of turning life, such his attempts to find people who were qualified by finding people who could finish Turing’s crossword puzzle within minutes. However, the movie is based upon a book called Alan Turing: The Enigma, which is a secondary source, not a primary source, meaning that many parts are inaccurate since some of the information behind Alan Turing may still have been classified. For example, in the movie, the concept of “homosexuality” was explored, but not fleshed out, suggesting that there was not enough information about it to delve on it further, eg files behind him still may have been classified since the book was released in 1980. Some minor details in the movie are also historically inaccurate, eg the actual machine was called “Bombe” not “Christopher,” and the concept of a soviet spy. In the movie, a member of Turing’s team, Cairncross is revealed to be a Soviet spy, and is passing messages to the Soviet government about the British. In reality, Cairncross did not work on creating Bombe, but rather served as a translator for the German messages. Meaning he may have been added to create more intensity. To sum it up, the movie is mostly historically accurate, however some minor points are inaccurate due to the base of the movie being a secondary source, and some elements are added to make the movie more intense, and to add a sense of plot twist.


“Pirates of the Caribbean to The Borders of Oblivion” Review

A wonderful review of Jordan Inconstant’s work merits his success with his FanFilm, Pirates of the Caribbean: Borders to Oblivion!

In Jordan Inconstant’s short film “Pirates of the Caribbean to The Borders of Oblivion”, central character Jack Sparrow has a tough time accepting that he has been fired as captain of his ship and crew. In fact, Sparrow is completely surprised when the character of Barbossa fires him and announces that he will be the one to take his position. After hearing this unfortunate news, Sparrow flees and spends his time getting drunk alone and trying to figure out how to leave the island. However, he soon encounters two pirates that look oddly identical to himself. He gets into a fight with one of them and then becomes the leader of the remaining pirates. After, he orders his pirates around and tries to strike up a deal with a lady he believes shares a common interest with him. While there are many possibilities, the most reasonable would be that he…

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Winners of Fan Film Awards 2015

bannerOn the last hours of Ninja-Con, Triskele Press invited the film makers to join us for the screening and awarding of the Fan Film Awards. The event was humble, with a private room, at the top floor of the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center. We had a meet and greet, and a grand party at the Garden. All-in-all, a successful run, for our first Fan Film Awards!

Winners of FFA 2015

BEST ACTOR: Aux Frontieres de l’Oubli – Jordan Inconstant

BEST ACTRESS: Awaken – Olivia DiNino

BEST DIRECTED: Aux Frontieres de l’Oubli – Jordan Inconstant

BEST SCREENPLAY: La Cosecha – Roberto Santiago

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Awaken – Bruce Sze Han Chen

BEST ANIMATION: Star Trek: Bats – King Jeff

BEST FILM: Aux Frontieres de l’Oubli – Jordan Inconstant

We thank everyone for joining us in the first Fan Film Awards!!!
For information & to join us for more, visit us:

Concept Art Week 38: Raphaelle Deslandes

Good evening Triskele Press, it’s Ashanti with another Sunday “full” of content. Like many I’m sure have realized, there wasn’t an article last week. I felt like my time would have been better used to study for my mid term that was on Wednesday, than work on an article. To be honest, i was tempted to skip today as well due to feeling quite tired, but I really need to continue. Forgive me if there is a noticeable lax tone in my writing today. I took a rather long nap, so I only just woke up.

Anyways, today I’m introducing the freelance concept artist and 3D modeler, Raphaelle Deslandes, an artist from Montreal, Canada. Her work is personally a style that I very much enjoy. It reminds me of the bright visual style you find from the Bastion and Transistor games by Supergiant Games. If you haven’t ever played Bastion, i highly recommend it. It’s currently on sale on Steam for 75% off. It’s by far one of the best indie games out there.

Anyways, you’ll understand what I mean by the comment above in some of the pieces below. I hope everyone will enjoy this spotlight. Due to the nature of 3D art, one of the pieces below will be shown through Vimeo, which is something I’ve yet to do on these spotlights.


– Darkmage Concept art


– (same as above)


– (same as above)


– (same as above)


– (same as above)


– Child of Light


-Ascension; Other stuff


– (same as above)


– (same as above)




-Crocodilian Island


– Among the Stars

If you’d like to see more of Raphaelle’s work, you may check it out on her ArtStation, Behance, and Deviant Art

See you all next time


Also I HATE the new WordPress post creation section. I’m trying to add the artist’s name to the tag list, and I’m unable to since I’ve never put it in any past article. It’s horribly stupid. I’m unable to switch back to the old version of the site as well. Ugh…..

Concept Art Week 37: Bianca Resende

Good evening everyone, I must say that I’m incredibly excited to finally be able to showcase a new female artist! Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve noticed that the female demographic in this field appears to be in the minority, which is quite awful. I try my best to find female artists, but the ones I typically will find, won’t have enough work online for me to work with. I do hope everyone will enjoy this week’s spotlight, as I think her work is wonderful.

This week I introduce the artist, Bianca Resende, a visual art student from Campinas, Brazil. While I was having an online discussion yesterday with some of the staff who work behind the scenes here on Triskele Press, I came across this artist. Her Artstation didn’t have quite enough content, so I bookmarked it for the time being, and looked for any other work posted elsewhere. It turns out that Bianca was on hiatus from her artwork for a few months, but she’s back in action and expanding her work across different platforms! Thank you so much for creating your Artstation, as I might have not have found your artwork.

Bianca’s work goes into the realms of concept art, and portraits/studies, all containing soothing colors to the eyes. You’ll understand what I mean below. I hope everyone has a good week to come, and look out for the all of those insane  tricks coming your way on Wednesday, March 32nd! (Back in 09, DA made every user icon into Twilight, Team Jacobs, and Team Edward gifs)


– Visitor


– Cave


– On Top of the World


– Coming Back



– Conspiracy


– A Soldier Study


– Volcano Entrance


-Woman’s Portrait


– The Flash


– Jedi Knight


– Ralph Fiennes


– I Am Iron Man


-Kristin Bell


– Soul


– Speed

You may find more of Bianca’s work on her DeviantArt, Artstation, and Tumblr.


Forgive me for the weird format for the images. The way WordPress handles spacing is horrible.

Concept Art Week 36: Gil Rodrigo

Hellooooo, Triskele Press! This is Ashanti, coming to you loud and proud from my bedroom. (Obviously ripped from Three Dog) I hope everyone has been well this week. Personally, quite a lot of good things have happened to me in the last seven days, but I most likely won’t talk about that unless asked.

This week I would like to share something I was talking about with my teacher this afternoon. The topic is well, yourself, and how you perceive the quality of your artwork. Now, I have a long history of relatively hating my own work, but I’ve had multiple people tell me many positive things about it. Due to a past ordeal with a close friend, I started to believe that when people say that they like my work, that it’s really just them telling me something nice to make me feel good. Now believe me, this is a terrible thing to think! Never fall into this if you can, because it can only get worse if you continue to believe this. Like my teacher told me, “don’t fall into Phil Fish’s realm of hating your own work. ” He taught me within 10 minutes (plus an extra 30 seconds about an hour after) how to clear this mindset. If someone tells you that they like your work, and they take the time to explain the certain details as to what they love, then more than likely, they really enjoy your work. Those who don’t do this, could either like it and just don’t know what to say, or they could be lying. Overall, it really depends on the person. In the end, there will always be someone who dislikes your work, and as an artist, your work will most likely be seen to many people sooner or later in life.

So to finish that off, if you have a tendency of giving yourself negative feedback about your work, then scrap that thinking and start anew. Forge it into something that can benefit you in some way, such as the thought that people will see your work in the end. If you really must dislike your work, so be it, but it’s important to know that, even the best artists in the world can dislike their work. So instead of being stuck in this endless loop, try to see past it, and forge a new road for you to live off of.

There we have it! My incredibly long intro to a spotlight, even though the spotlight has nothing to do with what I said above. I’ve been in quite the writing mood today, so that felt good to let all of that out.

Anyways, today I introduce the artist Gil Rodrigo, an aspiring concept artist and freelance illustrator from Mexico City, Mexico. Something I love about Gil’s work, is the sense of scale seen in plenty of the pieces below, in addition to his painterly style displayed in many of the environmental pieces. Gil has also created a variety of interesting characters, such as the characters he created for a 30 day fantasy challenge.


In the end, I do enjoy the variety of work I saw within his gallery, and I’m happy to show everyone the rest now!


– Field


– Colour Experiment


– Waterfall


– Shrine


– City


– From the 30 day fantasy challenge I mentioned above


– The same as the picture above


 – Toxic


 – Car render


 – Nazi Future Racing 2


 – Shipwreck


 – Bonzai


– Sith dude


– Beetle


– Cholo space pirate


– Pirate




– Bat refueling


– Black Blood




(A part of the series above it)

You may find more of Gil’s work on his ArtStation, and CG Society!

I’ll see you all next week!


Also… I smell something burning. I have a feeling that it might be my laptop, but I surely hope not…..

Concept Art Week 36: Nikita Guine

Good evening everyone, I hope everyone had a good week. I know quite a lot of students have been on spring vacation as well, so I hope that didn’t zoom by too fast, for those that apply. Anyways, I’m just going to go straight towards the spotlight this week, as I don’t have too much to say tonight. This week I would like to introduce Nikita Guine, an animation student from Paris, France. His work contains a fresh use of texture brushes, and tertiary colors. Of course that color pallet doesn’t apply to all of his artwork I will show below, but regardless, it’s all very sublime. Although Nikita is an animation student, the work below I believe can count as concept art, due to its loose nature. Well, I hope everyone enjoys his work!


– Alter of the Gods





– Slithy Tove











– Veteran Stormtrooper









You may find more of Nikita’s work on his Facebook, and view his Artstation here.

See you all next week!


Concept Art Week 35: Victor Mosquera

Hello everyone, tonight I’ve planned on introducing an artist who I’ve apparently have been following on Facebook for the past two years without any recollection of. Now, I reintroduced myself to this artist by finding some of his work on ArtStation, so it’s not like I just randomly went through a list of my liked pages. Today I introduce the artist, Victor Mosquera, a concept artist currently working at Ubisoft Toronto.

On a related note for myself anyways, today in my art course, I learned about the subject of photo-bashing. I know I’ve already talked about the subject here, so I don’t plan on explaining it again today, but Victor’s style consists of photo-bashing/textures. It’s something that can achieve incredible results, and create a more realistic standpoint for your picture. Some people are quick at creating good uses for this technique, and some are slow, regardless, if the end results are good, it’s a success. I’d recommend the artist’s in the group here to try it out. Paint something and use photos to create realism, or use photos to start up an image, so you can cover it with paint.

Here is a good video for creating environment thumbnails with photos.

Well, I hope everyone enjoys Victor’s work, and I’ll see you all next week.




– Wishes














– Michonne



(Here is a Gumroad tutorial link associated with this piece, about stylized illustration)

You may find more of his artwork on his website, ArtStation, and Facebook.


Are cats the secret for good art or writing? All I can say is that mine doesn’t help.

Concept Art Week 34: Mateusz Katzig

Good evening Triskele Press, I hope everyone’s week was dandy. It’s been quite incredible finding out where many of our viewers come from over the past few weeks. Usually there will be an abundant amount of traffic coming from the country of the last few artists I’ve spotlighted. So for those who are new to the spotlights, I welcome you to continue to follow along the weeks to come. I write these every Sunday, regardless of the time (for example last week’s..).

This week I introduce the artist Mateusz Katzig, a freelance concept artist and illustrator from Leicester, UK. Mateusz creates work that gives off a mysterious atmosphere, which we’ve not seen in quite a few spotlights. Many of these pieces are very loose, but the impressive values give it a pleasant form.  Although the work I will show below is mostly more of his personal work, his studies and virtual plein airs are a must to see. So I hope you all enjoy the work you see below, and I hope everyone has a good night/morning.



– Composition sketches





– Highlands





– Crystal Peek



– Retired Robot (daily, for the 30 minute spitpaint group)



– Dystopian Character

– Cathedral



– Cracked Valley



– Through the valley



– Road to Highlands



– Abandoned chinook



– Snowy forest



You may find more of Mateusz’s work on his Draw Crowd, ArtStation, and Facebook.


Also in relation to recent events, Karla Ortiz, the first illustrator I spotlighted on here, earlier today was a part of a Level Up! (here’s a direct link to the Level Up! website) session. You may watch the recorded video below.



I hope to see you all next week!


Is it just me, or does nearly every professional artist own a cat?

Concept Art Week 33: Eduardo Garcia

Hello everyone, I hope everyone has had a pleasant week. So unfortunately, I forgot to write up the article today, so I’m doing this quickly before I go to sleep. So this week I introduce the artist Eduardo Garcia, a freelance concept artist and illustrator from Bilbao, Spain. The work that I will post below is both a mix of concept design and illustration, so it’s quite mixed this week. Eduardo is currently re-creating the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 creatures, so check out his DeviantArt regularly for updates.


– H3R – Pikeman


– K9 King


– The South Witch


– Slaanesh Champion


– Big Hivons


– En el Bosque de Craneos


– Iron


– Rib Bay

You may find more of his work on his Deviant Art, Artstation, and blog.

Forgive me for the late/quickly done addition.

Also I highly recommend buying that game, it’s one of the best I’d say ever made.

See you all next week!


It’s by far my favorite game of all time.

Concept Art Week 32: Alexander Davtyan

Good evening Triskele Press! I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day, and/or weekend overall. So every Sunday I have a generally very artistic day; at noon I go to a concept 101 course, and this week we were lectured on the topic of protagonists (last week was about antagonists). The teacher recommended everyone to watch any movie to understand the main characters, in depth. Of course he recommended to watch the film first for fun, but the second pass, to try and take notes on what you see or feel; the little quirks that you find in the character design. In addition to watching it over again, he also suggested to watch the film either muted, or sped up (specifically for animations). So now, I suggest you, my viewers, to try and experiment with this. If you’re trying to create characters for something art related, or even for writing, it’s a good exercise.

This week I introduce the artist Alexander Davtyan (Thurs), an artist from Krasnodar, Russia. Alexander’s artist’s work consists of a mix of character, and creature artwork. A good character/creature design will make you think of the possible scenarios in which they are from. From the many sketches which you will see below for example, all contain their own little quirks, and story behind them, though some feel more subtle than others. When I see the character Alex’s character work, I can imagine an appropriate scene where I might find them in.

To avoid rambling on, allow me to share with everyone this man’s work.


– self-portrait


– characters_sketch


– characters sketch_2


– sketches


– pyralgothaan


– horde


– crab


– cuttlefishes catchers


– dump


– altar


– slave trader


– girl


– priest of death


– arena

I do hope everyone visualized various scenarios of the many characters you see above. It’s quite fun imagining the details of such wonderful pieces.

Well, I hope everyone has a good week, and a good start of the school year!

I say this, because school is starting up for my Tuesday, but for most people it must have started between last month, to last week.

See you next time.


I nearly forgot about this!

You may find more of Alexander’s work on his Art Station.

Concept Art Week 31: Benedick Bana

Good evening everyone, Ashanti here with this week’s article. Today I’m accompanied by my cat who is consistently trying to do his very best in making sure this article is harder for me to write. Last week, I wrote our first recap spotlight to see how the artist has grown over the months, and generally spoke about my personal definition of the term, natural/talent. So this week, I wish to introduce everyone to Benedick Bana, a freelance concept artist from Naga in the Philippines. This artist is a perfect example of someone who improved their artwork an exponential amount over the course of only a few years. In addition, Benedick most prominently creates character concept art, so in light of that, here is a bit of diversity when compared to the majority of the other spotlights.

Starting from older work, I will post pictures going to Benedick’s most recent work.


– Superbia (June, 2011)


– Fenrir’s Wrath (Sept. 2011)


– Blade Corps concept design (Aug. 2012)


– IceDemon Assassin (Dec. 2012)


– The Three Kings 003 Gator (Jan. 2013)


– Pot (July, 2013)


– Firefly (Oct. 2013) Featured in ImagineFX Magazine, March 2014 issue


– Megaton Punch! (March 2014)


– Moon Wars (April, 2014)


– Vampire Hunter (June, 2014)


– Lambhorgini Bot (June, 2014)


– Speedpaint LAVA FALLS (Aug. 2014)


– Demon Charge (Dec. 2014)


– Female Warrior Light Lumina (Jan. 2015)


– Gear Knight (Jan. 2015)


– Speedpaint 30mins Summon Meteor (Jan. 2015)


– 30mins Speedpaint Codename 75 (Feb. 2015)

I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s spotlight!

You may find more of Benedick’s work on his DeviantArt and, ArtStation.

See you all next week!


Concept Art Week 30: Ned Rogers Recap

Good afternoon everyone, I hope the week has been well! This week I’ve decided to recap on an artist who I first wrote a spotlight for quite some time ago, Ned Rogers. It’s incredible to see the progress of an artist overtime, one can say that they have “natural talent” for creating artwork. The reason I bring up natural talent, is because I believe there is a misconception about this term. Most people believe that those with natural talent will be able to pick up anything with ease, but this is not entirely true. Natural talent refers to how quickly one can get to a destination in comparison to others, though those who are slightly behind can still make it to the same place, and even further if they do their very best at what they want to achieve in life. I’ve witnessed friends being called naturally talented, but in reality, they worked hard from nearly nothing (in art terms). I find myself a a good example of this to be honest… I’m still only learning, but if you saw my early work, there is a massive difference.

Well anyways, I want to show everyone Ned’s new artwork, and I hope everyone enjoys the evolution.


-Indiana Jones Redesign


-Bloodborne Fan Art


-Project X – Vampire Mech Lab


-D&D Dragon Lair


-Dungeons and Dragons – Water Node



-Project X – Vamp totem


-Dungeons & Dragons Forest


-Project X – Zombie totem


-Harpy Roost

Just like the first spotlight, you may find his work on Draw Crowd, in addition to Artstation.

I’ve come to realize that some of the artwork that has been shown here is also a part of the same project that was shown partially in the first spotlight. Regardless, it’s still an improvement, even if some of the artwork may have been created not soon after.

See you all next week!


Concept Art Week 29: Alexandrin Damascan

Good evening everyone, I hope this week has been swell! I know a lot of people are back in school after the winter break, so I hope this article can bring some creative ideas to fill the mind for this following Monday. This week I bring you Akexandrin Damascan (also known as Morpsz), a 24 year old. freelance concept artist from Bucharest, Romania. His work is prominently character concept art, so this will be a nice change. Hopefully next week, I’ll be able to change it up more as the majority of the work I’ve shown has been environmental art pieces. With the work I’ll be introducing below, you’ll notice  a swift increase in art skill, as the character work appears to become more crisp, while still maintaining the previous work’s sense of storytelling. In addition to this, his environmental work contains vibrant warm and cool colors. The feeling they give off is ominous, and mysterious, but all quite wonderful just the same. I hope everyone enjoys the work!


– Sketch

This piece really gives off a Studio Ghibli vibe. I absolutely love it!


– Underwater


– The Bridge


– Drying World


– Selfie


– BlackHand


– Hamm


– Bros


– Doc


– Tesla


– Count


– Crusafer


– Batman

I believe this piece was created for the late BrainStorm topic.


– Thief


– Teddy

You may find more of Alexandrin’s work on his ArtStation, DeviantArt, and Behance.

See you all next week!


Concept Art Week 28: Wadim Kashin

Good afternoon everyone,  I hope all has been well this week. Today I bring you the artist Wadim Kashin, a freelance concept artist from Moscow, Russia. His work really blew me away this week, so I just had to feature his work for everyone to see. Wadim’s artwork is filled with noisy, strong, and vibrant environments created through use of the photo-bashing technique, and texture brushes. In a video which I shall show below, Wadim shows his viewers his art process as he paints two of his work. As you will see, he uses photos as a base to collect his colors, and works from there.


I’m unsure if any of you have noticed, but when I post the images that will soon be below, I tend to create an atmospheric order. Or rather, I try to keep the colors related to the ones around it, or the subject similar. So when you see some of the work in previous articles out of order, that’s mostly why (so instead of IMG 1,2,3, I make it IMG 2,1,3 typically). I’m a little unsure if that makes any sense, but if it does, good. So I hope everyone enjoys the work below!



– Exploration – (January work)



– Have a nice Day (December work)



– Environment set (January work)



– Liness (July work)



– Environment set (January work)



– Searching- episode two. (December work)



– Searching (December)

See, like this. This image is second, even though it’s the first of the series. Although I must admit, it’s usually not intentional.



– Stalkers (December work)



– FSquare (October work)



– FCity (October work)



– Silver Clouds – (January work)



– Liness (July work)

I’ve been aware that the last few spotlights have mostly consisted of environmental concept art. Like always, I must say that it’s not intentional that I do this, though if anybody would like to suggest a genre of concept art you would like me to cover, I can do my best in delivering such article.

You may find more of Wadim’s work on his Artstation, Drawcrowd, Tumblr, and Deviant Art.

I hope to see everyone next week!


Also, I need to mention something to those trying to contact me right now. I’m around, but I’ve gotten very quiet as of recent. I’ll respond to any messages that I haven’t responded to yet, tomorrow.

Concept Art Week 27: Kenn Yap

Good afternoon Triskele Press, Ashanti here with yet another artist of the week. If you’ve already noticed, the format I’m currently writing in isn’t centered. I’ve decided to try this out just for today to see if it looks better than what I usually do. I’ve noticed that this type of format tends to feel weird when you see how the site displays it after I post it; it tends to feel boxed up. Two weeks ago, I wrote an article on Sally Gottshalk and I got into contact with her shortly after I posted the article. In our discussions, she recommended I try various ways to create more in depth articles for all of you. So in the future, I will begin to write these a few days ahead of time, so I can try to interview the artist I feature. Of course, I cannot promise that I will be able to get results, because people are busy and they don’t always respond to messages, but if I can, I’ll do it.

So this week  I introduce the artist Kenn Yap, a freelance concept artist from Singapore. Kenn has a variety of artwork, ranging from concept art, to even photography. His artwork has very fine composition, the type that you can visually see a photographer might have, in addition to the vivid story telling told within each piece. Personally, I find it all quite wonderful, especially bright colors he uses throughout many of his artwork.

I’ll see if I can come into contact with Kenn for some interview questions, so I’ll keep everyone posted for that.




-Take the Bloody Shot!


-Why Hello There


-Red vs Blue


-Teen Spirit




-Are you lost, little one?


-Hometown Hero






-The Kid Takes His Time


-Tree of the Dead

I do hope everyone has enjoyed this week’s article! Once again, I’ll be sure to update everyone on details once I’ve gotten contact with the artist.

You may more of his artwork on his Artstation, Deviantart, Blogspot, and Instagram. I highly recommend taking a look through his Instagram; there a large variety of work posted there, in addition to photography.

See you all next week!


I would also like to add that I will create a list of links to the other articles I’ve written about. Due to some odd complications, I understand that it may be hard to find the rest of the articles on the site. I’m a little bit busy as of right now, but tomorrow afternoon I’ll start to create that so that exploring the other articles may be easier.

Concept Art Week 26: Thomas Stoop

Good afternoon Triskele Press; today I bring you an artist from the Netherlands!

It’s always been very interesting to me to find out where people live when it comes to art. You can really see a difference in certain little aspects when compared to someone living elsewhere. It may just be me though, but I tend to notice that people who live, or grew up in different parts of Europe have a better general understanding of architecture. Of course, anybody can become good at drawing architecture if they really put time into it it, but it’s just the experience living in countries with nearly every type of architecture you can think of, is just amazing to me. The same thing I think goes for environments.

Once again, these are only my thoughts on the subject, so it’s really different for everyone. Depending on where you live, you generally construct a different and unique visual library that you may tap into. By visual library, I mean a collection of visual information that you’ve seen, or experienced that you can tap into at any time with your brain (this also includes photos, and other works of art). This is very important for an artist, so you can really see the influences when you look and think about a piece of artwork.

If you’d like to learn more about the visual library, and/or how to build one, check out the video below.

As you can see, I sort of went off into a different direction. As many of you know by now, I tend to do this.

Finally to get back on topic, I introduce this week’s artist!


– Fishing

Thomas Stoop!

I’ve not been able to find too much information about Thomas, but I do know that he is a student/freelance concept artist. Of course this doesn’t explain a lot, but I try. This incredible artist mixes photobashing with his painting to create realistic environments. Not of all of his work is like this, but his painting skills still amaze me nonetheless.

Below, I’ll show various different pieces of his artwork, most of which being environments; and like always, I’ll see you next week.







-Smoke smoke


-Afro titan












-Shark trap

You may find more of Thomas’ work on his Artstation, DeviantArt, Drawcrowd, and his Facebook.

Here you may find his website/portfolio.

As an added bonus, here is one of his painting’s process’ sped up. It’s really cool to watch, so I recommend checking it out.


I swear, I nearly fell asleep earlier after eating Ben and Jerry’s. I want more..

Concept Art Week 25: Sally Gottschalk


Hello and welcome to the 25th spotlight for Triskele Press. This week I introduce Sally Gottschalk, a concept artist and illustrator from Germany. I’m happy to finally be able to diversify the spotlights again; unfortunately, there is a large majority of male artists in the field apparently. Of course I do not know if this is in fact true, but if you look at many of the different concept art websites, you’ll tend to find many more males. I’m not too sure why really…

Anyways, Sally has a more diverse selection of artwork, so you’ll see both characters/creature design, and environments. Most of it is quite sketchy, but nonetheless fantastic. The colors shown below are very vibrant, and nearly every piece has a eerie atmospheric effect.  So here you go! I hope everyone enjoys the artwork. Do comment with your thoughts on either the column, or the art itself.


-The River’s Heart


-Ship and Turtle – Sketch




-Force Field


Creature Sketch


Fire Bird Sketch




-The Grim


-Tree and Owl – Sketch

You may find the rest of her artwork on her Artstation, and/or Deviantart.

In addition to those two links, here is her Facebook art page.

See you all next week!


Concept Art Week 23: Piero

Good evening everyone! This is our 23rd week of this concept art spotlight, and to be honest, it’s a little shocking to think about it. Over the last 5 months, I’ve discovered and shown all types of different artists to the site. It’s been a marvelous experience so far, and I must say that I will never stop. In the next weeks to come, I would like to go back to the roots of what I had originally planned when writing these; I want to create spotlights to those who aren’t either yet in the industry, or are just starting out. That may be a little hard however since the internet can’t tell me everything I want to know, but I can sure get close.

Anyways, this week I bring you Piero (Il su Ko), an artist from Korea. As of right now, I’m still currently learning more about this artist. Like all others, I tend to write these at the same time of discovering the content, or at least around the same time. For example, just now I found a WordPress with a single post about one of the concepts this artist has worked on, Smaug the Magnificent. The reason why I’m bringing this up, is because one of the main viewers who likes my posts liked that one. I just found it interesting.

So back to the main topic! I don’t know much about this artist, in fact there really isn’t much I can find about this person, besides the fact that he is male, and that his art name is Spkkis. The vast majority of the art I will show you all today will be environmental work, except for a picture of his sketchbook. I hope you enjoy the work below, and I hope you all will have a good night/morning.


Concept art – Warp??


Concept art – What planet is this?


speed painting – Untitle


Old Concept – I am not Gandalf !!!


Concept art – Distant Future City


Concept Art – Generator !!!


Concept art practice -He is come ~!! goo goo


Concept art – Dragon Valley


Old concept art-Are you boss?


Sketch book~~!!

You may find more of his artwork at both his ArtStation, and DrawCrowd.

The links will be provided within the names of the two websites like always.

See you all next week!


(Also for those who play HS, unstable portal is freaking broken! 14 out of 17 uses, I’ve gotten legendaries)

Concept Art Week 22: WEI HUAI XU


Good afternoon Triskele Press! I’m your host Ashanti and today I’ve brought you some character concept art!

Well, that was cheesy, but I’m really just trying to figure out something different to say every week. I’ve had a bunch of fun working on these, and I hope it’s been fun for everyone as well. There isn’t much traction on the site anymore I’ve noticed, but I do hope that you viewers look forward to every Sunday for this. Please, please give me critique for what I’m doing. If not critique, then suggestions on what to write about. I want to be able to let every viewer have a chance to learn about new artists from the specific interests they have. Although concept art will only go so far, so I couldn’t really write an article about the development of chairs or tables, but I could do one based off of architecture.

Anyways, this week’s spotlight covers Wei Huai Xu, a concept artist from Singapore. I have very little information about this artist, but I do know that he studied at FZD School of Design. If I’m not mistaken, I may have spotlighted a different student from that college. It’s very interesting, but students from FZD tend to have very similar styles. There are distinct features that you can see after a while. These features are not something I can think of on the spot and tell others, but later I’ll spotlight a different FZD student.

So without further ado, here is his artwork!


Sinbad Character 05


Sinbad Character 03


Sinbad Character 01


Sinbad Character 03


Cougar Recon Team


Stop Thief Character 02


Stop Thief Set 02


Stop Thief Set 01

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s article. Just to add, this week’s artist was suggested by my friend Drew.

If anybody would like to find more of his work, you may go to his Draw Crowd, and Blogspot.

See you next week!


Concept Art Week 21: Level Up!


Good afternoon everyone!

I hope everyone from the States had a good Thanksgiving weekend, and just the same to anybody else who either doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving or is from a different country.

Last Sunday, I said I would spotlight various artists that had before and after images of their artwork. Now note, I do have a couple of images that contain this time skip, but their maximum skip is only two years. Regardless, the improvement shown in the artwork is incredible.

10802053_1497967810477507_5693566049689866421_nAsura Lau Hing Pui

Art by: Asura Lau Hing Pui

10447399_766550466715544_2762418326131891150_nAnas Bin Ali

Art by: Anas Bin Ali

10256513_587930404669536_2942139939601539072_nBrandon Dennis

Art by: Brandon Dennis

To support the lack of images this week, I’ve also decided to introduce to everyone various Facebook groups and websites that may be of interest to you.

The first website I would like to share is Fusroda. No this isn’t the Skyrim shout, but actually it is a combination of the first and last names of the three artists who run this site. Fusroda is the home base for the weekly live stream Level Up, and a growing art community that thrives on sharing, learning and teaching others. The community itself may be found on their Facebook group. The images above are some of the types of work you may find there.

I highly recommend checking out both the live stream sessions and the group itself if you’d like to to learn. It’s all 100% free so there shouldn’t be any worry regarding pay walls that you would normally find on a lot of other online resources.

Actually to be honest, if you’d like a large amount of resources that may help you in your art journey, do check out the resources section on the Fusrodah website. The list of resources is absolutely incredible and the majority of what is listed is free! Whether you want brushes, textures, training, etc, it’s all there.

Though there is one Facebook group that has yet to be listed under the resources tab, the Brainstorm group. Lately the work created within this group has boomed around the internet, most notably the last task of created different variations of Batman.

The group itself gives its members a subject and due date. This month, the group gave the task of creating a Steam Punk scene revolving around the topic of Iron Man.


I predict that within two weeks, the video game blog Kotaku will post work from Brainstorm again. Though I have no idea what their schedule is of course.

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s article and I’ll see you all next week!


Also boo, I’ve got two finals on my 21st next week.. Time to go study!

Concept Art Week 19: Karla Ortiz


Good afternoon Triskele Press!

This afternoon I introduce Karla Ortiz, a concept and illustrative freelance artist from San Francisco. She has done concept art and illustrations for various companies, some being Wizards of the Coast, Tor Books, and NCSoft. In addition to this, Karla is one of the six teachers at the Bali Illustration Workshop.

Here is a link to her profile on the workshop’s site.

For this week, I’ve decided to add a few of the illustrations Karla has done for the Wizards of the coast. I’m unsure if I’ve explained this or not, but there is a difference between concept art and illustrations. To quickly explain it, illustrations are much further detailed than concept art. You will understand below.

Character concept art:












General 4




General 2




Vana Red




Consiglieri 2



Teysa, Envoy of Ghost






Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver


Ashiok’s Adept


Order  of Deacons

I do hope everyone enjoyed this week’s work. If you notice, I did use one of the illustrations for the featured image, but I feel like it would fit the front page nicer than a character. This usually will not happen, but I really wanted to show that specific image to everyone.

On her blog, Karla posted a very instructive and incredible step by step process of her piece, Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts.

You may find it here!

Like usual, I will provide links to any of the most prominent locations to find her work.

Here are the links to her website, Blogspot, and Facebook.

For those who are wondering why I usually post artist’s Facebook pages, it’s because Facebook has recently become a haven for art. Since a user may follow another, it becomes possible to be updated on more recent work.

I hope everyone has a good night/morning!

See you next week,


Concept Art Week 17: Li Shuxing


Good evening everyone! I do hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween weekend.

For those who live in Los Angeles, did anybody go to Comikaze this weekend? For those who don’t know the convention, it’s essentially an old school comic book convention run by Stan Lee. You may find information about the convention here.

So to end this the last night of the week, I introduce Li Shuxing, a concept artist from Shanghai, China.

Now usually I pick a number of different artists to choose from before writing an article and not just pick the first person I see, but this artist’s work dumbfounded me.

In the next few weeks, I’ll explain some new art vocabulary that can be found in just about all the pieces I’ve shown so far.

Also I’ve been rather self-conscious about how there has been a lack of female artists in these spotlights. When I look for artists, I only look for their work, and don’t actually pay attention to their names, but when I look back at it, the problem exists. So I’ll begin changing it up.

Anyways though, here is his work:


The Wolf Oh Valley


To Attack the City (I can only guess that there were some major Lord of the Rings influences on this piece.)


Dragon Lair


Top of the Amber


Ancient Tomb


The Jungle Adventure


Postern of Fate


Rosefinch Valley


The Elves Beach


The Xuan Empire


Shaolin Temple

I hope everyone enjoyed tonights spotlight.

You may find his work at his Artstation and more at his blog. Note: the blog is in Chinese.


The Red Carpet: Girl Of Steel & Batgirl Rises

On October 24, 6PM, Triskele Press opened a live feed on twitter and instagram for the private screening of Girl of Steel and Batgirl Rises, premiered at Theater 2 of Universal Studios, in Hollywood. The traffic was congested, the line was intense, and just when things couldn’t get anymore busy, the Press murdered for exclusives! Luckily, en route to the event was no one else, but Lindsay Heath – the beautiful lead playing Barbara Gordon, from Batgirl Rises; press for time, and bumping into no one else, but yours truly. Hello.

Actress, Amy Paffrath, from The Purge: Anarchy, attended the screening!
Actress, Amy Paffrath, from The Purge: Anarchy, attended the screening! Mentioning: “Heroines are in charge tonight!”

This night had better perks than Comic Con. In that, I mean, that the Cast, Crew, and all that came to support had friendship and heart, and the love for a mission any production would kill for: Kevin Dowell, the main stuntman of the Cast, posed with humor and intrigue for the choreography in the film – from the flips, to the nervous threat under the knife, he professed the clear passion in both Girl of Steel and Batgirl Rises. Lindsay (Batgirl), expressed her love for the vision of what a Gothamite (a citizen of Gotham City) stood for. She explains the depth of the women that live in this universe fight their demons like no other. Danny Saab confirms this, as he explains his thorough knowledge of the story behind Batgirl’s chronology and character – inside and out of the comic’s mythos. His Intel on Barbara Gordon’s character brought a deeper connection with the fans of the mythos, including the fan he is today. Danny Saab, along with Mike Leblanc, are the Producers and Executive Producers of both Girl of Steel and Batgirl Rises.

Actress, TV Host, and Maxim Model came to support the screening!
Actress, TV Host, and Maxim Model came to support the screening!

The red carpet was bustling, pictures took a paparazzi’s spirit, and the screening had no choice but to start with or without a complete interview.

Q&A commenced soon after. A series of questions were thrown to each member of the production team – Cast and Crew alike contributed their take on the mission of the films, some expressed their experience during the Casting and preproduction, others made their stance in the integrity of independent film making; and how these films are what we need foe this generation to continue real creativity to grow in this industry.

The best statement was by Writer and Director, Vincent Tran, himself. It clarified and distinguished the solution to equality in films – not just for women, but for everyone in the diversity, caught in this city of broken dreams: Hollywood.

We welcome you to support this campaign. Become part of this worthy cause and watch more of Vincent Trans’ works, by visiting

For more information and behind the scenes, visit:

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Concept Art Week 16: Anatoliy Umanets

Good evening, I hope all is well.

So halloween is coming up in just a few days. Does anybody have plans for Friday?

It’s always nice being able to check out everyone’s costume.

And of course the internet starts to blow up with gifs and videos.


Well, anyways I’ll introduce Anatoliy Umanets, a freelance concept artist from the Ukraine.





















I wish you all a pleasant sleep or a restful morning.

Just to have something calming to listen to, take a look at this.

It’s a little short, but it’s rather nice to listen to on repeat.

Perhaps I’ll make a more halloween “scary” spotlight next week. If I find anything.

I’m not great at scary.

You may find more of Anatoliy’s artwork on Art Station

See you next week.


It’s so quiet.

Before I forget, forgive me, I feel as if my writing have depleted in quality since I first started doing these.

I’ll start delivering better quality spotlights in the weeks to come.

Batgirl And Supergirl Takes The Stage!

imageThis Friday, Triskele Press is attending the Red Carpet event of Girl of Steel and the premiere of Batgirl Rises. Vincent Tran, the film maker whose vision is breaking the industry in role equality for women, will be taking the stage for Q&A, along with his brilliant cast and crew – the talented faces behind these fan films – after the special screening of the extended version of Girl of Steel, and the showcase for Batgirl Rises. The event is private, and Triskele Press is here to bring you up-to-date exclusives of the beautiful premiere in none other than Hollywood’s Universal Studios!

CATCH US! We will be posting live by 7:00PM, Oct.24 via Twitter: #triskelepress

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Azure Lorica, The Progressive

Earlier this week, Azure Lorica published an official post of the new changes in their operation. From rebranding to new programs, this versatile nonprofit is boasting a service worth 10 employees per office, a number average charity organizations can rarely accommodate. How is this being carried out? Is it even true? Or can it be that there is a short cut no one is telling us?

According to CEO, Stefanie Warner, the business of nonprofit entertainment is “an expensive hobby”. Rarely do people make it a full time business, and many times can barely go beyond nine months in operation. “You’re business is only as good as your staff.”

And so, we had to ask. How is it working? She expressed that no one is getting paid, except for those with Artist Tables. Performers, Panelists, and even the core staff are “part of the community.” Some local Guest of Honors are happy to contribute for free, since the event is either within or near their neighborhood. Considering conventions fun and easy promotion for their personal projects, such as their Novels, Films, and Ensembles.

warshatStaffers are happily volunteering, as quotas are easily met via meetings and blog posts, allowing a healthy strategy for community operations, such as Triskele Press blogs and Ninja-Con events. But in order to run smoothly, some things had to be sacrificed for the sake of staff policies. In Triskele Press, Affiliates are no longer given Press badges under the brand, but rather are trained to build up their own to be showcased in Triskele Press’ feeds. The feed streams to over ten different social networks, including Instagram, Tumblr, and Storypad.

In Ninja-Con, Committee and Staff members are required to attend meetings and be trained in their position. Luckily, most of the Committee and Staff have impressive resumes to boost their qualifications. But unluckily, those that didn’t make the cut are left to reapply on the next application cycle, or magically improve their resume out of the blue.

Drift Plume, the new kid on the block, was originally a ticketing service. Those that remember this year’s Ninja-Con may have had their artist tables paid through this service. The original operation dropped after a massive miscommunication occurred during the convention. Luck struck again when Pedro Ortiz, Azure Lorica’s latest Producer, proposed to resurrect Drift Plume to rebrand the white plume to red, as the new Ensemble program for Azure Lorica. Marking an improved form of entertainment via theatre and dramatic recordings – this nonprofit could be any happier.

The progress of this little theatre company is has been an impressive feat. And are excited to bring the community many more!

Join the Triskele Press Family!

As of last week, Triskele Press boosted its brand with two new programs! Originally, as one Blog, bountiful with feeds from several social medias from a couple of bloggers, now three with a stronger force of several bloggers collaborating to give you a blast of the community we’ve built this past year! It’s simpler than it sounds, but we’re too excited to keep it quiet.

To start, the original is now a Tumblr feed, and not any Tumblr feed, it is THE feed of all things Triskele Press, from Azure Lorica’s 10 blogs to our affiliate Bloggers, in one site. This one page of archival display is forwarded to all of our social medias’ twitter, Facebook, Storify, etc. You can follow us anywhere! And that’s only the tip of the ice burg…

Since the beginning of September, we’ve introduced the Fan Film Awards. In preparation for the event, next year, we’re making sure that everyone knows what’s in store with details meant for a whole website. From submissions to volunteering, the organizing process will be published for your clicking pleasure. To see what we’re talking about, visit us sometime:

And last, but not least, we’ve made an exclusive site for our Journalist’s work. Originally, the site everyone once knew best as is now Xtra! By taking the old phrase “Extra extra! Read all about it!”, we’re making a clearer statement. Delivering original content was our intent in the beginning, reblogging other blogger’s works were fun, but in order to allow our Journalists to grow, we’re taking things a step further with more exclusive interviews, artistic news, and opinions. Reblogging slows down from here. To join as a Journalist, visit us @

We would like to thank everyone who’ve helped us make Triskele Press the awesome public service it’s now become. We look forward to working with more blogger, vloggers, and artists soon. If you’re interested to join our program, either as a Journalist or Affiliate, please visit us at our new and improved


For the next seven days, Banned Books will be on display in Libraries, Bookstores, and all over the internet! One might think that having these books banned allows parents and the politically correct to enjoy their time in public, without the deficient influences these books have on our youth and citizens – making our world a safer place to read, think, and in peace. But on the contrary, the issue dives further into our freedom. Banning our selections in reading material isn’t some political move everyone agrees on, in fact, economically, it ruins our challenges to become better human beings. Books aid the public to be more empathetic, and it allows us to not repeat the worst part about our history as a society. From peasants to low class citizens, books and libraries have enabled our civilization to function beyond the means of elitist education and connections. By banning books, people are limited by popular vote, when individualism is the key to improving society – if not quicker by popularity, then effectively by one mind per influence. It may sound to strong of an opinion, and it may seem too forward, but denying one access to information deters a domino effect of not only education and communication, but also the potential for future interests and imagination to produce something better for our future generations.


If you’d like to get involved, joined Banned Book Week, and celebrate the freedom to read! Find local events and presentations near you:

Maybe We Are The Darkness in Destiny.

A Wild Theory About Destiny’s Story

A Wild Theory About Destiny's Story

Many people seem to think that Destiny’s story is, well, lackluster. But what if most people are missing one big key thing about the story?

Buckle up, because it’s time for a bonkers theory about a video game.

So, according to the Destiny wiki, this is the story:

Many generations ago (shortly after present day), the emergence of a gargantuan construct known only as “the Traveler” ignited a Golden Age of technology and exploration for humanity. Initially the Traveler settled on Mars, where it shared its knowledge and technology with humanity, and a city grew around it. With the assistance of the Traveler and its enigmatic technology, humanity tripled its lifespan, terraformed planets and moons, and expanded its civilization beyond Earth and throughout much of the solar system.

The Golden Age would last for centuries, but human civilization fell victim to a cataclysm of extraordinary magnitude, known as the Collapse. A malicious entity known as The Darkness, an ancient enemy of the Traveler, waged a campaign of destruction against civilization. Few managed to survive the devastation. Forced to withdraw to Earth, mankind’s homeworld, the embattled sphere made its final stand, where it sacrificed itself to save the remnants of humanity. The Traveler is now silent and dormant, while those who survived united to build The City beneath it, establishing the last bastion of civilization in the solar system. A powerful defensive aura remains projected over the City by the Traveler.

The City has come under attack throughout the years, mysterious alien species probing its defenses for weaknesses. You are one of an army of warriors known as Guardians that call the City home, individuals that have taken a stand to reclaim what has been taken from us. Guardians have harnessed the Traveler’s energy to create powerful abilities that allow them powerful offensive attacks, defensive counters, and increased mobility. Guardians seek to uncover the mysteries of humanity’s downfall and reclaim what has been taken from them. These exploits lead them to rediscover and reclaim old worlds, once part of mankind’s civilization but now occupied by deadly extraterrestrial species and threatened by the return of the Darkness.

The Guardians are all that stand between the dark forces that seek to destroy civilization and those who take refuge within the City. It is their duty to rebuild from the ashes of defeat, to ignite the once great flame of human civilization, and be the light that shines through the darkness. Their failure would mean the destruction of the human race.

Pretty straightforward. I’ll summarize: you are the good guy, because guardians fight to keep the traveller safe from THE DARKNESS. The darkness, as the name suggests, is an evil thing, as it ended humanity’s golden age. The traveller, meanwhile, is keeping everyone safe from further doom.

Hold up, though. Are we really sure we play as the good guys? Are we really sure the traveller is a positive force worth saving? It’s not like we know much about it, or even the darkness, for that matter.

…yeah, this is one of those twists. Redditor neocitron posted a “crackpot theory” recently, which has made me reexamine what I think I know about Destiny’s story. They explain:

I was patrolling around the moon yesterday and was silently stalking Fallen Dregs trying to listen to alien banter. I moved too close and startled one of them, who turned around and gurgled in broken english (kind of how the Grunts in Halo did) “It’s the Darkness!” before firing away at me… Wait.

Are. We. The. Darkness?

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense… WHY ELSE would aliens be relentlessly fighting us without much justification? Although I can’t explain why the alien factions would be fighting each other. Maybe the Traveler is a weapon and we simply don’t know it because we’re under its spell? And the alien factions don’t trust each other with the Traveler’s power?

Damn… This is why I love the open ended narrative Bungie creates, it eventually gets sifted down and sharpened over years of questions and added content to the worlds.

And some commenters in the thread elaborate further:

Maybe the traveler has been to their worlds and caused great destruction. Maybe he needed a new army, we think we fight for the light but we are actually making the universe a much darker place. The Speaker has always seemed like a shady guy to me. It’s an interesting point of view.

This is blowing my mind right now. Think about it, the names of some of the enemies are Wizards, Knights, Acolytes but we’re Titans, Hunters, Warlocks, which have negative or evil connotations to them. Titans in Greek mythology, hunters just killing things, warlocks wielding dark magic…

I’m discussing it with a few friends and it’s starting to make sense. We’re basically an army of undead. And this whole space fantasy theme, makes the theory seem plausible. What about the Vex? What if they’re like Cylons? Why haven’t we seen any other humans elsewhere?

So many questions…I’m not sure if I’m entirely sold, but every little detail seems to connect. This could be huge!

Read some of the card backs. On the back of “Legend: The Black Garden”:

I am Pujari. These are the visions I have had of the Black Garden.

The Traveler moved across the face of the iron world. It opened the earth and stitched shut the sky. It made life possible. In these things there is always symmetry. Do you understand? This is not the beginning but it is the reason.

The Garden grows in both directions. It grows into tomorrow and yesterday. The red flowers bloom forever.

There are gardeners now. They came into the garden in vessels of bronze and they move through the groves in rivers of thought.

This is the vision I had when I leapt from the Shores of Time and let myself sink:

I walked beneath the blossoms. The light came from ahead and the shadows of the flowers were words. They said things but I will not write them here.

At the end of the path grew a flower in the shape of a Ghost. I reached out to pluck it and it cut me with a thorn. I bled and the blood was Light.

The Ghost said to me: You are a dead thing made by a dead power in the shape of the dead. All you will ever do is kill. You do not belong here. This is a place of life.

The Traveler is life, I said. You are a creature of Darkness. You seek to deceive me.

But I looked behind me, down the long slope where the blossoms tumbled in the warm wind and the great trees wept sap like blood or wine, and I felt doubt.

When my Ghost raised me from the sea there was a thorn-cut in my left hand and it has not healed since.


From the card “Enemies : The Darkness:”

The card mentions varying ideas on what The Darkness is from the point of view of different groups on Earth.

Certain positions – often labeled heretical – imply that the Traveler itself triggered the Collapse, or that it knew the Darkness was coming for it and hoped to use the Solar System as a sacrifice or a proxy army. The Binary Star cult is one notable example.

I dunno if I’m fully convinced, but I’ll admit, I kind of love this theory. It’s fun. More importantly, it’s making me reexamine things in Destiny to see if perhaps there are some subtleties I missed about the story. This theory doesn’t change the way Destiny is written/the delivery, or the fact that you have to go outside the game to learn some of the lore, but it does make things more interesting. I’m particularly fascinated by the idea that critics are dismissing the story, whereas fans are digging in deeper and seeing what they can find.

What do you think? Is this what is actually going on in Destiny’s story, or is this theory just a bunch of hogwash? Have you noticed anything that would contribute or debunk the darkness theory? Let us know in the comments.


I’ve never thought of the story this way before.

Perhaps we are… Interesting


Concept Art Week 10: Adam Adamowicz

Good afternoon everyone on this burning hot not so wonderful day.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

This week I bring you a man named Adam Adamowicz, a concept artist who had worked for Bethesda.

He was best known for his work for Fallout 3 and Skyrim; one of his most notable pieces of work were the Ice Wraiths in the snow near Winterhold College in Skyrim. So today I will show a mix of work he had created from both games.

The first bit will be from Fallout 3:















The second bit will be his work for Skyrim:



















If I had been a part of this blog earlier this year, I would have loved to have made this spotlight on the 9th of February.

This amazing artist who brought joy into the lives of so many through his creations that became finalized within Bethesda games unfortunately passed due to complications of lung cancer in 2012.

Rest in Peace

Anyways, looking through this artist’s old work was a blast and another great inspiration.

I will link his work below if you wish to see more.

Fallout 3his Blogspot, and Skyrim

I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s spotlight.

I’ll be sure to grab a few newer artists for future posts.

Have a good night/morning!


Early Bird Special! FFA Discounts

Star-Wars-Pulp-Fiction-star-wars-15606543-1440-900The Fan Film Awards (FFA) is open to three discounts for those film makers looking to submit to our new interactive film festival! With the birth of fan films, comes the beauty of encouragement. Triskele Press is excited to welcome early submissions for the FFA.


And along with these dates, we allow a price cut for the following:


We are proud to give the opportunity for film makers to showcase their work, with the awesome community that Triskele Press has become. By submitting your film to our festival, we’re enabling the public to watch your film internationally at, and relinquish the limitation that the industry has on copyrights, by providing you, the film maker, the audience your creative work deserves.


Triskele Press Presents The Fan Film Awards

Triskele Press is proud to announce our very first Fan Film Awards!

Collaborating with Ninja-Con, Triskele Press is bringing independent arts to the big screen…and mobile phones? With technology moving faster than ever, interactive film festivals have become a new venture for many. Following this new method of film screening, Triskele Press will be allowing fans, attendees, and the public to watch the entrants’ films via mobile phone! Share with your friends, get the word out, and when the you’re ready, VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE!

But for those entrants, we’re waiting on you. We have a wide range in categories, and a beautiful ceremony waiting for you, here in Los Angeles, CA. Submissions open by November 30, 2014. Early bird start by October 30, 2014. DEADLINE BY MARCH 30, 2015 Students and Residents are given discounts, so please don’t hesitate to share the competition!

Further details coming soon. For more information, please click below.


Concept Art Week 9: Jack Eaves

Good afternoon everyone, Ashanti here with this week’s artist spotlight.

I had originally planned to post this earlier in the day, but I seemed to have slept for 12 hours..

Anyways, I bring you Jack Eaves, a concept artist from Farnham, United Kingdom.

His artwork mainly consists of environmental pieces, but quite a lot of them have an interesting realistic taste to them. Let me show you some examples.


Danger Around the Corner_02



Danger Around the Corner 01

If you notice, some parts of these piece are a bit “too” realistic, as if the artist had used photos in the process. In this case, from what I can tell, yes. This type of technique is known as photo-bashing. photo-bashing actually is used quite constantly in the professional world of entertainment design, to help the image display a realistic effect. Though it in important to know that photo-bashing can become a risky technique if used without permission due to copyright. So please for your own safety and to respect the other artist’s work, try and use your own photos.

To expand a little on the subject, here is a wonderful Deviant Art journal about concept art that very briefly covers photo-bashing, if you would like to learn more.

Anyways, here are the rest of the art pieces I have collected for this week’s article.



Kobo Girl Sheet


Tree Variation Sketches


Kobo-Project: Forest



Kobo-Project: Hometown


The Adventure Begins

Ahh, I almost forgot! If you would like to see more of Jack’s work, here are his DrawCrowdFacebook, and website

I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s spotlight. Please do comment with any suggestions on what to add to these articles.

See you starside,



I’m currently over-hyped for Destiny right now, hence the Bungie reference.


Tomorrow at the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach, a live theatrical reading will premiere.


savedpicture-201451619237Produced by Drift Plume, and presented by Ninja-Con, this original piece by Eugene Cordell and Stefanie Warner is making a come back from the Azure Lorica vault. Dormant for nearly three years, this stageplay is taking the anime scene by storm. Though only a one day event, Project Italy is holding promise in the indie entertainment scene. Gathering talents to not only perform on stage, but in a radio drama, and, possibly, in visual novels. It’s a strong production group, and with much to give. Attendees are welcomed to dress in black and white, Goth, and Cosplay. With the story looming around the theme of the paranormal, audiences of the occult and macabre are raring to pay their patronage.

Executive Producer, Pedro Ortiz, states this story as “quality and innovative, with no stereotypes, allowing intrigue to grow”, following up with the idea that audiences in videogames and anime are so familiar with the stereotyped character formulas that no wonder the fans are always into the non-popular titles, and Attack On Titans.

warshatOn the production group’s websites, both and, post several press releases of not only updates on the production, but also the concepts over the stories and characters. One post, confessed by Eugene Cordell (Co-writer), that the idea of Demons versus Jinns made an immense impact on the character named Kros. He made it a point to discuss the concept and how both the Bible and Quoran had intriguing differences that need to be played with. A “method of meditation” he once expressed over the stages of writing the story itself. Stefanie Warner (Co-writer and Director) implies the same with the character Vida, stating her as her own “Gray Ghost” she never wished to be rid of. From what these creative talents mention, neither fiction or religious beliefs are standing behind their traditional respective lines. In this story, there is only one ideal being met on stage: the Paranormal versus the Human Condition.

Come and enjoy this live theatrical read of Fate Pendulum’s Project Italy, tomorrow/Sept. 5, 6PM.

And did we mention it’s FREE!fplbreading1

For more information about Fate Pendulum’s Project Italy, visit:

Girls, Our Heroes: Batgirl Rises

Returning for the third and final part of Girls, Our Heroes is Vincent Tran’s newest edition to his line of Female Super Heroines, the Triskele Press exclusive of his upcoming fan film: Batgirl Rises.

So Vincent, you’ve recently released photos from your new film project, Batgirl Rises, on Facebook. Could you shed some light into the dark knight’s fan film?

For most filmmakers developing fan films, they root the story around fan base material. Unfortunately the viewers will see the film as you do. If you subtract the “fan” title and concentrate about the filmmaking/story, then you’ll surprise yourself. We have to ask ourselves a very big question, why are you really making a fan film? Is it for entertainment, or is it to change the world?

With so many versions of Batgirl in the comics and on screen, are we to expect a reinvention in Batgirl Rises?

Expect the unexpected. We ‘re not making a Batgirl film for you. We will challenge your beliefs and values of these characters. If you are afraid of different, then that’s something to reflect on.




What’s it like in the Gordon family tree? Does Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon have a strong bond?

Batgirl Rises isn’t an action film. It’s about a young woman struggling to bring her family back together again. The importance of family is clearly our mission statement in this film. We follow the commitment of Barbara Gordon. As a topping, you’re a detective trying to solve the mysteries with Batgirl.

Who is the main villain in your movie? Is there more than one?

Danny Saab (Story Writer/Executive Producer) helped us realized that all villains have origins. Particularly Batgirl Rises will give birth to an unseen villain on the big screen.

Who is playing Batgirl? Is the Actress doing her own stunts?

Linsday Heath is playing Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. She has done her own stunts and fight choreo with coordinator Matthew Simmons.

Were the stunts in Batgirl Rises difficult? Who is your choreographer?

Matthew Simmons had done a great job with the fight scenes. I couldn’t be any happier. The fight scene is very intense because of the realism we try to follow. But overall the actors went all out and did a great job in the end. Plus we filmed from 2am-5am.


How was designing the characters for Batgirl Rises? Any special effects on the costumes and make up?

Unfortunately we cannot reveal that information. But you will get a lot of surprises.

Your productions empower female leads in the industry, what advise could you give our readers to encourage this movement?

This message is for every man in the film industry. Do not cast a woman because she looks pretty, or that it will help boost your popularity. Casting from your heart is the most important topic. Make sure the characters are interesting first before casting. A female lead is much more a powerful leader we can all follow. Our production acknowledges the strength in women. But do you? If so, start creating this movement that will change the world and save lives.

BATGIRL RISES (Behind the Scenes) 2014 from vincent tran on Vimeo.

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Emmy 2014 Winners and Losers: The Nerd Perspective

#RagingNerds giving us the roster of who and what happened at the #Emmys

Raging Nerds

The 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards are behind us, a new season of television is on our doorstep. While we could do a long and laborious recap of the winners, but you come to Raging Nerds for a little bit of rage, right?

The Winners (Nerd version)
If you watched the telecast of the Primetime Emmy Awards on Monday, you probably felt a bit hollow because Game of Thrones, probably one of the nerdiest shows on television, went home empty handed, right?

Well not exactly. In fact, Game of Thrones won four Emmy Awards: Outstanding Art Direction, Outstanding Costuming, Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup, and Outstanding Special and Visual Effects. So why didn’t you hear about it? Technical awards for television, know as the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, are given out on a different night. It helps to think of visual storytelling as being broken down into two categories: the art and the…

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Los Angeles Theatre Works presents “The Explorers Club”

Photo credit:

L. A. Theatre Works will be broadcasting the Broadway production of “The Explorers Club”, tomorrow, Aug. 28 on their radio series on Pacifica Radio. It will be carried by many others in public broadcasting and streaming on their website,

The show was penned by Nell Benjamin and directed for the stage by McAll, and has a cast that features Jennifer Westfeldt (Friends with Kids), along with Broadway castmates David Furr, Lorenzo Pisoni and Carson Elrod.

The stage farce revolves around the stuffy Explorers Club of world fame who travel to far off places with the only requirement being that you haven’t been there and it be a difficult trip to make. In the events of the play the inclusion of the club’s first woman is the new journey and a difficult trip it makes to be indeed.

“The Explorers Club” is one of the 20 plays presented in the L. A. Theatre Works’ Relativity series, which is oriented around science and includes works that name check astronomy, physics, cosmology, cryptography, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and the rise of mass media. This is made possible partially through a donation from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation in its charitable work with public broadcasting.

-Patrick Pagan

Proopcast at Nerdmelt

Photo credit:

“Whose Line is it Anyway” comic Greg Proops will be taking his self-titled “The Smartest Man in the World Proopcast” to the “Nerdist” podcast bay at the Nerdmelt Showroom on Sunset, Tuesday, Sept. 2. His podcast makes a worldwide touring circuit and will be at the world famous nerd/alternative comedy hub on night only.

The comedy club in the back of comic book store Meltdown Comics is well known for the great acts that frequent it such as Robin Williams, Louis C. K. as well as the Proops himself. Proops’ podcast has been hosted by such international locales as London and Toronto in addition to just finishing his third podcast from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

Los Angeles magazine dubbed Nerdmelt, “Comedy’s New Nucleus” in an article highlighting the nerd comedy destination. Chris Hardwick’s comedy club is mounted in the nexus of alternative comedy and nerd pop culture.

Rolling Stone has listed “The Smartest” podcast as one of the 20 best podcasts happening right now. They salute his plentiful “gift of gab” as being much more so in evidence here than in his improv “Whose Line” work.

The role of the audience and their local experience is very much in focus in Greg Proops’ Proopcast. This aspects makes the show not to be missed in person, as opposed to online, as Proops’ references to awful weather or how these people treat their children will take on a special resonance with the in person audience.

-Patrick Pagan




Emmys 2014: The Winners, The Losers and Everything in Between

The Best and the Worst: Emmy Awards! #emmys #emmyawards #tv


As you may have noticed, the 2014 Emmys were held on a Monday night in August. While the show’s host, Seth Meyers, expects you to believe that this means the Emmys are on the brink of cancellation (after all, how can they be expected to compete with Bachelor in Paradise?), the truth is that NBC knows we’ll watch any awards show at any time, because awards show are The Best (even when they’re on at the same time as Bachelor in Paradise). As Meyers pointed out in his opening monologue, television is “the booty-call friend of entertainment” — and we’re all willing to take the call.

Here’s what happened during the 2014 Emmys:

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy: While Amy Poehler tried to convince viewers that she was handing out the award for “Best Onscreen Orgasm in a Civil War Re-enactment,” in fact, she was simply…

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Concept Art Week 7: Alex Figini

Good afternoon everyone, Ashanti here bringing you your weekly concept art showcase.

This week I introduce Alex Figini, a concept artist currently working for Bioware.

If anyone can remember the Mass Effect 3 ending crisis that shred through the internet for a good few months, this artist was one of the artists to create new concepts that helped subside this problem by generating new ideas for DLC and helped create the extended ending for this game.

Here are some of his art pieces and like usual, I will provide links below to where you may see the rest of his work.


Viewing room


Casino Bar




Rusty Mecha


You may find his ArtStation here, along with his DA here

See you all next week!

Good luck in school everyone! I know some colleges start tomorrow.


Panic! at the Disco at the Greek Theatre

Photo credit: The Greek Theatre LA

Alternative rock group Panic! at the Disco will be appearing at the Greek Theatre in landscape of Griffith Park Tuesday, Aug. 26. In accompaniment are special guests Walk the Moon and Youngblood Hawke.

This appearance is a leg of The Gospel Tour. The tour is based off of the rock group’s fourth studio album “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!,” whose title is a Hunter S. Thompson reference, and which debuted in second place on the Billboard 200 chart. “This is Gospel” is a track from that album and already has 10 million YouTube views.  It is a stunning followup to “Ms. Jackson,” which was ranked in the top ten for alternative radio. 

Their very recent and previous rock tour, Too Weird Tour, sold out at all major stops and this set of dates that includes the Greek Theatre show should turn out similarly.

-Patrick Pagan

“To Be Takei” Doc

Photo credit:

“To Be Takei” is a documentary on the life of actor and activist George Takei, along with his life with his husband Brad, being released this Friday, Aug. 22, at Sundance Sunset Cinemas. Free passes to the show from Aug. 25 to Aug. 28 will be available to members of KPFK’s Film Club, which only requires making a donation to the community radio station for an annual membership.

The documentary, “To Be Takei,” covers the vast and unbelievable life of social media sensation George Takei. Takei is most prominently known for his role as Sulu on three seasons of Star Trek and across all the films that were spin from off the original series.

“Takei” shines a light on the fact that as a child Takei was interned as a Japanese American during the Second World War; he starred as Sulu on a show broadcast during the 1960s that broke racial barriers for featuring both a black, female communications officer as well for Takei’s performance as an Asian navigation officer; finally, the film covers a lifetime of political activism spurred on by an internment camp experience as a child in his single digits that taught him that it is impossible to be unpolitical as a minority.

The film also has a playful side as it illustrates the relationship Takei has with his his longtime husband Brad. This lighter side of the film shows the humanity with which George Takei has garnered over six million social media followers and the humor he brings to his well received Howard Stern appearances.

“Takei” is a great story not to be missed.

-Patrick Pagan

The Second City Improv Showcases

Photo credit:

The Second City Training Center in Hollywood has their half-hour improv comedy showcases Friday nights at 10pm. It features two 15-minute ensemble showcases wherein a group of performers take a suggestion from the audience and build an entire show from an audience members’ one word suggestions.

The experience sounds uninteresting and done before. But once they get going, you are surrounded by the roaring laughter of comedy fans. Improv is built on the concept of agreement with any information added into the pot of what’s onstage starting with the suggestion of what the show should be about, which is then followed by a logical yet somehow unpredictable contribution by each of the improv players. But what grows from your one simple suggestion of “proctologist” is comedically astounding to behold.

At the Second City they manage, with a virtuosic level of ability, to take you on ride with a whole gamut of emotions, characters, plot points and clever word usage. And if these completely improvised performers slip up, its just more fuel for the comedy fire. 

See the second city website: for this showcase and all the other improv shows such as Ski Doo Secret & Frankenyeti.

-Patrick Pagan

Mirai Nikki Review

Abuse your imagination! #MiraiNikki #anime

Raging Nerds

Mirai Nikki

This anime revolves around a boy named Yukiteru Amano, also known as “Yuki”. He’s a somewhat isolated kid who is on his phone a lot. From time to time Yuki writes in his diary of random events that he sees; whether it’s his classmates, a dog barking, or something that just happened a few moments before him. He has two friends, Deus Ex Machina and his helper Murmur, both of whom are imaginary. The story is about Yuki being thrown into a battle royale because of his imaginary friends; it turns out that Deus Ex Machina is, well, God, and he needs a successor because he is dying. Now Yuki is forced to fight in order to stay alive since the idea of becoming God isn’t really all that appealing.

Also involved in the story are two unique girls named Yuno Gasai and Uryuu Minene. Yuno Gasai looks like any…

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EXCLUSIVE: Shirley Napoleon – Best Script of FFA’17 (Interview)

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Shirley Napoleon – Winner for Best Script @ FanFilm Awards 2017!


After two live readings of Caught In The Web, at both LA and Pasadena Libraries, we were honored with an interview with the Screenwriters, Shirley Napoleon – winner for Best Script at FanFilm Awards 2017:

1) How does it feel to win Best Script at the age of fifteen?

I cannot begin to describe the feeling I’ve had since I heard that I won. I’m a fangirl, writing a fanscript, and usually fanfiction doesn’t get that much recognition. So to be able to have people see who I am through an established fandom and with established characters, but still say my writing is good enough to be on the screen, insites this intense amount of excitement within me, so much so that I feel like I will explode.

2) Why did you choose to write a Spiderman script?

Spider-Man and Peter Parker have long been one of my favorite Marvel…

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