EXCLUSIVE: Alessio Fracchia – Best Actor of FFA’17 (Interview)

5 reasons why Alessio Fracchia is awesome.

Azure Lorica FanFilm Awards

alessio1In February 2017, Alessio Fracchia won the award for Best Actor, in this year’s FanFilm Awards. Hosted in the city of Pasadena, Fracchia’s fanfilm, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Compass of the Seven Seas, was showcased at the Pasadena Central Library – and having an absent stage for his Q&A Panel, the Azure Lorica Foundation had to ship his trophy to Italy, after the ceremony. Fracchia was nominated for both Best Film and Best Actor, and was gracious enough to give us an exclusive interview, to publish for your enjoyment:

What was it like to be Jack Sparrow?

Being Jack Sparrow or better than Captain Jack Sparrow is a great satisfaction. Being able to play in a movie the same character played by Johnny Depp is really, very gratifying. This character is fun to play. He has a way of interacting with people around him (strangely). He is always drunk…

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